Christmas Gift Ideas for Preemie Twins

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Is it too early to be thinking about Kids christmas ideas? The retail stores don’t think so! We still have three weeks until Halloween, but yet Christmas decor has been filling up store shelves right beside the Back to School supplies! I think I could find more childrens christmas presents for sale right now than spooky, scary Halloween costumes to wear on Reformation Day (October 31st) if I went shopping for such! And Christmas Day isn’t until December 25th!

Anyway, if you wanted to buy some babies christmas gifts for preemie twins, what would you want to find and purchase?

I suggest buying some matching preemie outfits because most new moms and dads don’t want to spend the money on something considered frivolous that the babies will outgrow quickly (maybe before they even leave the hospital), but it is those outfits that make for the best keepsake photos taken around the holidays and will probably be cherished and kept in a remembrance chest. Just imagine someday taking out the tiny doll-sized clothing and saying, “Remember when Johnny and June fit into these outfits?” (Bonus points to you for naming what song is “Johnny and June” from!?)

So, we have that established that you need preemie outfits for your premature twins, but where do you buy them? There are several online boutiques selling, including (formerly called PreemiesRus) that has clothed over 20,000 preemies since 1993 (now that’s a lot of preemie babies). They offer custom designed preemie clothes (including caps, booties, gowns, baggettes, sleep sacs, dresses and more) starting at Micro size (fits 1 lb – 2.5 lbs babies), then Tiny size (fits 2 lbs – 4lbs babies), then Preemie size (fits 3 lbs – 6lbs babies) and evem Newborn size (fits 5 lbs – 8 lbs babies).

More online stores that sell preemie twins clothing are, and/or Which are your favorite for outfitting your preemie twins?