5 Christmas Present Ideas For Little Girls

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5 Great Christmas Presents For Little Girls

Most little girls are excited about opening presents on Christmas morning. Through the year, they might hint at things that they enjoy, but in the weeks leading up to Christmas, they tend to make a list of numerous things that they want to see under the tree. You can get a head start on checking off the items on her list by getting some of the top presents for little girls.

Jewelry Kits

When it comes to crafts, many girls enjoy making their own jewelry to wear to school and around the house. They can create patterns and use favorite colors, adding charms to make their pieces stand out and personalized. Loom bands are a fun item for girls who like making bracelets as there are multiple colors, and they are easy to stretch. Shop Jewelry Kits now!

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Nail Supplies

One of the things that little girls begin to do is paint their nails when they see that their nails get longer. There are polishes that are made for young girls that aren’t as strong as what you would get for adults. You can also find gel nails for girls that will come off in a few days, giving the girl a glimpse of what it would look like to have a real manicure. Shop nail supplies now!

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Mind Games

Whether the girl is in school or is getting ready to start school in the next year or two, you can get brain games that help with letters, numbers and other cognitive skills. Some games are similar to adult versions of the same thing, but they are kid-friendly, such as Scrabble or Trouble. Shop mind games now!

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Baby Dolls

The baby doll will never grow old with little girls. It seems like there are more types of dolls each year than there have ever been. Some of them talk, some walk and some move like a real baby. With all of the accessories and furniture that you can get for a baby doll, the little girl can pretend to be a mommy or a babysitter, learning how to nurture and provide care for a little one. Shop baby dolls now!

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Dress Up Clothes

One way to spark the child’s imagination is to let her play dress up with her friends or even with her stuffed animals and baby dolls. From princess costumes to clothes that look like they are associated with a career, she can learn that she can be anything she wants when she gets older. The clothes can also make her feel beautiful, enhancing her self-esteem while playing. Shop dress up clothes now!

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Whether it’s playing with dolls or getting crafty, your little girl will be happy with some of the great Christmas presents that are checked off her list and out under the tree. This is a time of year when you can enjoy the amazement on her face with the simplest of toys. When the day is over, she can begin a list for the next year.

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