A Guide to Types of Preemie Baby Clothes

Preemie Sleeper

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There are so many various types of preemie baby clothes in several choices of fabric, color, patterns and style. Cotton is still the most popular type of fabric because it is soft and absorbent. Other popular fabrics include polyester because it is resistant to wrinkles and spandex because of its flexibility. If you shop at upscale boutiques, you will find more expensive fabric such as cashmere. There are several types of baby clothes for preemies.

Preemie Sleeper

The lower to mid range price clothing is soft to the touch, machine washable and has a sense of fashionable flair. The higher priced clothing will no doubt cost more but the clothing is also more durable and better quality fabrics. Many upscale clothing may not be machine washable, however. They may be hand washable or even dry clean only.

Sports baby clothing are something that most babies have at least one article of. They are usually dressed in mom or dad’s favorite football, auto racing, basketball or baseball team. Sports clothing for babies includes t-shirts, pajamas, onesies and even towels. The most popular teams are always in demand but lesser known teams and even college sports teams are also available.

Organic baby clothes for preemies are gaining popularity now that more people are becoming environmentally friendly. The tag on the baby clothes should say 100% organic. This tells you that the cotton used to make the clothes was not sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals.

Gone are the days where preemies wore clothing made for dolls. Now they have clothing made just for them.