Planning The Ultimate Children’s Halloween Party

Halloween Party

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Halloween Party

Throwing a Halloween party for your kid can be a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely worth it to see their beautiful smiles and crazy costumes! Not only does your child get to spend time with their closest friends and family, they get to express themselves and get a lot of treats too!

It’s a special, once-a-year event, so of course, you want to make it fun and memorable for both your kid and their guests. This is your guide to planning the ultimate children’s Halloween party.

Setting The Budget

As much as you want to give your little one a Halloween party of a lifetime, you need to be realistic about how much you can spend. You can still throw them the party of their dreams within a reasonable budget.

Your budget allocation will depend on a variety of factors, like how many guests you invite, if you’re cooking or paying for catering, where you decide to hold the party, and what kind of entertainment and activities you have planned for the kids.

You can either set an overall spending limit or compute the costs per head. Either way, make sure to stick to your budget! Just remember that you don’t want to penny pinch too much. A good trick is to pick just one thing to splurge on (like the decorations or the Halloween themed food) and make that the focus of the party.

Selecting The Theme

Get your kid to chip in on the planning and you’ll be sure to throw them a party they’ll never forget! Ask your little one what kind of Halloween celebration they’d like to have. Whether it’s a pirate-themed bash or a spooky haunted house party, choose something you know they’ll love.

A theme isn’t absolutely essential, but it does help make the party much more unique and fun (not to mention easier to plan). You can tailor fit the decorations, giveaways, activities, and even food to match the theme.

Picking The Venue and Date

For younger children, it’s generally best to hold the party at home where you can keep a watchful eye on all the kids. Plus, you’ll save a lot more if you don’t have to rent a venue! However, this might not be the best option for every kind of Halloween party, especially if you have more guests.

The pool or park are great venues for daytime parties, and kids absolutely love playing outdoors. For parties at night or with older children, you can book a simple party venue or activity center.

Getting The Food

The food is the star of any Halloween party! Stick to simple yet delicious finger foods that work for every age. Make sure you have enough to cover not just your child and their friends, but also any adult helpers who are coming along to the party. You can even decorate the food with a spooky edge, like mummy hot dogs, ghost cookies, and carved “pumpkin” stuffed bell peppers.

Low on budget? No problem. You don’t have to spend big bucks on a professional caterer. If you have enough spare time, you can make the food yourself! Alternatively, make it a potluck party that the other parents can contribute to.

Choosing The Entertainment

The ideal party runs around 2-3 hours, which doesn’t sound like a lot to you, but can feel like forever for a child! You need something to keep the kids entertained throughout the whole party, whether it’s a couple organized activities or a hired entertainer.

If you’re hiring someone – a clown, magician, musician, face painter, etc. – make sure to book at least one month in advance to secure your favorite performer. You should also plan a few Halloween games and activities that the children can participate in, but also allow them to have some free fun time on their own.

Inviting The Guests

You can plan the most perfect party in the world, but if your child’s friends aren’t there to celebrate with them, it won’t be any fun! Choose a date that you know works for the most important people; best friends and family are top priority.

Keep the guest list short but meaningful, and take into account any parents or guardians that need to accompany their small children. The general rule of thumb is to have one party guest per year of the child’s age plus a 2 more. So if the child is 8—10 friends are ideal. If the child is 11—13 guests are enough.

Send out invitations at least 3-4 weeks before the party to avoid any flaky guests. Include an RSVP date and your contact details, then follow up the week of the celebration.

Hiring The Photobooth

Preserve the memories of your child’s awesome Halloween! Photobooths are a great way to provide entertainment to the young and old alike—not to mention you get to go home with a cool and unique souvenir. Choose the best photo booth hire, and your guests will be talking about your child’s Halloween party for years to come.

But most importantly, have fun. It can be stressful to make sure the kids are both safe AND having a good time. But no one feels relaxed when the party host is uptight, so remember to cut loose a bit, enjoy the party.