Christmas Gift Ideas for Newborns

Gift Ideas for Newborns

When you have a new baby in the family it is always a difficult task to know what to buy for their first Christmas gifts. There are so many things that new parents need from diapers to bedding, clothing and more. Depending on how much money you want to spend there are a variety of Christmas gifts that the new parents will appreciate. Your best idea is to ask the new parents what they really need but if that is not possible there are always some standards that you can go for. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas for newborns that parents would appreciate.


This one piece little outfit comes in short sleeve and long sleeve styles. The best thing about this outfit is that it snaps at the crotch for diaper changing convenience. It comes in different colors and often comes with cute baby sayings on the front. I saw one recently that said, “There’s a nap for that.” You can pull on a pair of pants with it and a jacket and off you go. No need to worry if baby’s tummy will get exposed to the cold. They are made of cotton and are easy to wash as well.

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Swaddling Blankets

Especially during the cold holiday season these will surely be appreciated. Since newborns tend to be a little messy the new parents will need several blankets since baby blankets need to be washed more often. When my children were little I was fond of the thermal cotton type blankets that were soft to the skin and nice and toasty. Or a soft wool blanket is nice also but stay away from the scratchy materials.

Footie Pajamas

Depending on where you live and how cold it gets in your area these may or may not be a must have. If you live anywhere cold weather is then you will need these footie pajamas for your little one. There is no way to be sure that they will stay in there blanket at night or keep socks on but this is a guarantee that baby’s whole body will stay warm, except the head and hands and we will get to that below.


This too entirely depends on where you live on the importance of this gift. When it is cold it is important that they keep their heads and ears warm. There are so many really cute stocking caps for babies. Some are plain or with a design and others take on the personality of an animal, eyes, ears, and all. I think hats are adorable for newborns and practical in the cold. Even if you live in a warmer climate there are really cute hats out there for baby.


You can not miss with diapers. The number of diapers you go through with a newborn would astound those that have never had children. For those of us who have been through the baby stage know full well that you can never have enough diapers and parents are always thrilled to get them.

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Teething Toys

This is a gift that if they do not already need it is a given that they will need it real soon! It’s a good idea to gather up several kinds of teethers because you never know what the baby’s preference will be. Every child is different and favors one over the other. There are ones you freeze, ones that are rubbery, ones that have texture, cloth ones, food ones, and who knows what is next. Try buying two or three different kinds and one may be a hit and the parents won’t stop thanking you once the teething starts!

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Bath Products

This is something that runs out quickly since babies tend to get several baths a day in the beginning. You might want to give some specialty shampoos and lotions or creams that the parents can not afford but would consider a treat. There are some fabulous products out there that are a little pricey but really smell nice and work great. They also have some wonderful body oils and massage oils for baby, special treat type items that the parents may not purchase themselves but would appreciate. Nothing is too good for baby!

Bouncy Toys or Swings

If they do not already have any entertainment type devices like these this would make a great gift for baby as they get a little bigger but not big enough to walk. It is a nice break for mom and dad when baby has something to keep them entertained while you rest or while you are cooking and cleaning. I know my son loved to bounce in his bouncer and my daughter was really crazy about her swing. Keep these things in mind for gifts as well.

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Baby Gyms

I am sure most of you know what these are but if you do not they are basically nice mats with soft pipes overhead with toys dangling down for baby to look at and later reach up and touch that keeps them occupied and happy sometimes for quite a while. It is like the mobile over the crib except you can take it with you and move baby around while they are awake. It stimulates their senses with its colors and movement and eventually eye-hand coordination.

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Baby Gates

Used to be people just purchased doggie gates to keep babies off the stairs or out of dangerous areas of the home. The problem with these is that you have to actually take them off and put them back on to go through them. They have wonderful baby gates now just for baby that have actual gate doors that open and close for ease. They are much sturdier that the other gates as well. This may be just what a busy parent needs if they do not already have one.

Crib Sheet Sets

Here is another item that gets changed frequently because of accidents with leaky diapers or spitting up. I do not think I’ve ever heard of anyone that had too many sheet sets. The soft brushed cotton ones are great for the winter or flannel and regular cotton or blends for the summer. Just make sure you buy sets that have good elastic and will hold onto the mattress so baby doesn’t end up sleeping on the mattress itself.

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Travel Crib

If the parents are going back and forth from family to family for visits to show off their new love then this would make a wonderful gift. A light weight foldable crib to take with them wherever they go. It would make sense to buy this instead of having the grandparents buy full size cribs at each home. This would be beneficial for the first child and however many more come down the line. This is a gift that would not be out of style for a new baby or get worn out easily and it is always practical.

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Lightweight Strollers

The large strollers are nice to have when you are going for a walk or to the mall for the afternoon. But when you are running errands and need to get baby and stroller in and out of the car several times it is so much easier to have a smaller lightweight stroller. They are a breeze to lift and pop out quickly for those days when that bulky stroller is just not practical.

Diaper Genie

I never got one of these but I sure would have liked to. Who wouldn’t want something that immediately takes away the smelly diaper and wraps it in an odor proof plastic wrapper for disposal at a later time? I know I would have loved something like this when my kids were babies and would have been absolutely delighted with the giver!

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I hope these ideas will help you when trying to buy for that special newborn and their parents. Of course there are all kinds of adorable outfits and stuffed animals and a plethora of other baby gifts out there. These gifts are ones I know every parent needs or would enjoy receiving on behalf of their little one this Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Gift Ideas for Newborns