Pine Cone Bird Feeder Craft For Kids

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

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Do you want to find a fun and easy way to keep your kids entertained and busy during the fall? Why not try making a pine cone bird feeder together? This is a great activity for all ages, and it’s a project that you can complete in just a few short steps.

Keep reading for instructions on how to make your own DIY pine cone bird feeder craft project.

Karyn’s daughter, Grace, made a cute pine cone bird feeder at daycare last week. This is a clever kids craft idea that I may have to try with my nieces and nephew!

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Supplies Needed

Image Source: Camping Field Guide
  • Long Skinny Pine Cone
  • Peanut Butter
  • Birdseed
  • String


To make the pine cone bird feeder:

  1. Roll a small skinny pine cone in peanut butter.
  2. Then roll the pine cone in birdseed.
  3. Attach a string to hang outside and watch the birds!

For more detailed instructions, check out Audubon New Mexico.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder Craft