Top 5 Money Saving Tips for Parents of Twins

Children are a gift, and parenthood is the most noble and beautiful thing in the world. Unfortunately for us, raising children can be expensive as well. In a world where cash rules everything and finances are tough to manage even for those with few obligations, it is important to always make the most of your dollar. This is doubly true to parents bringing up twins. Follow these five tips for saving money while bringing up your two handsome youngsters.

  1. Save Money on Food
    Your newborn twins are, not surprisingly, going to consume twice as much food as a single infant. Breast feeding has been a tried and true method of feeding infants for literally thousands of years. A mother’s body does this for a reason. Breast feeding is the natural, wholesome way to feed newborns, and it is arguably healthier than any other alternative. If you feel this isn’t the way to go for you, try looking for discounts on infant formula, but remember; formula is imitation milk, and the original is free.
  2. Don’t Trust Big Brands
    When buying things like diapers, don’t automatically go for the expensive big name brands that have spent millions of dollars on marketing over the years to convince that they’re the best. Try buying the cheaper off-brands in small batches to see if they work for your kids. You may be pleasantly surprised. Also consider a diaper service. These companies deliver fresh cloth diapers to your doorstep and haul away your soiled diapers to be thoroughly laundered and reused. This can be cheaper than disposable diapers, depending on local rates, and you won’t have to feel bad about throwing thousands of dirty diapers into landfills as your babies grow up.
  3. Mind the Growth Rate
    Babies grow up so fast that they’ll outgrow everything you buy for them in a year or less. Skip the bath accessories, because they’ll be useless next year anyway. Parents have been safely bathing their infants in the kitchen sink for years. It may sound unusual, but trust in tradition and simply make sure everything is clean. Don’t blow a fortune on clothes either. There’s no reason. Goodwill and other thrift stores are literally packed with baby clothes at a fraction of department store prices, and your friends and family members raising kids likely have stacks of old baby clothes they’d be happy to give you for free.
  4. Find the Best Deals
    Many retailers such as Babies R Us offer discounts for multiple birth parents. You can get fantastic discounts on everything from bed sheets to high chairs. Also, be on the lookout for promotional codes online. Collecting coupons is likely to save you a small fortune over the next few years, so check out retailers’ websites for the best deals.
  5. Sharing is Caring
    Don’t be too tempted to buy two of everything. You want your twins to learn to share and play nice anyway, don’t you? Get them started on sharing as early as possible. Don’t buy every toy in duplicate. Get creative. If you can manage with one, don’t buy two. You’ll be surprised how much you can save.

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