How Download Games Can Help You Bond With Your Child

First thing to say of course is that no game or toy comes close to helping you be your child’s friend. The second, that you’re not really supposed to be your child’s friend so much as a figure of authority, discipline and respect. Those two caveats made: we all know what we mean when we talk about being our child’s friend, and that’s that we want an easier life. No more yelling and tantrums, or sulking and being contrary for a few hours? Sounds pretty good to most of us, no doubt.

Free kids games are an easy way to get a bit of peace and quiet on a long journey or when it’s raining – two things that happen with fair regularity during the British summer holidays. So using your iPhone to stop the inevitable barrage of “are we nearly there yet” questions can be an excellent way to retain the harmony of the family in the car, and to ensure that everyone arrives at their final destination with their nerves still pretty much intact.

It’s important to make the distinction between free kids games online and Aps that play like games. An App is nearly always paid for at some point – usually, with games, by including stuff that needs money to make it work, or by buying characters or bits of magical kit to help the child enjoy the game more. Clearly, as these aren’t free, you need to think harder before deciding to unbelt the readies: and you will also find there’s a lot less choice when you look at App games for kids too.

The real freebies tend to be streamed from a website onto your phone, and they use more conventional control methods like cursor keys and the space bar. The Apps, on the other hand, use the touch sensitivity of the iPhone to fuel their gameplay – so your child may have a more interactive and intuitive gaming experience when you pay for a game designed specifically for use with the phone in question.

Playing any game on your iPhone, a child can enjoy the high quality of the screen resolution along with the processing power of the internal memory – perfect for simple platform games race games and shoot em ups. Be aware, if you have any sort of scruples about the type of game your child plays, that there are plenty of fighting and war based games around even when you look only at free kids games from specific sites. These are simply the most popular overall platforms for gameplay, they always have been – but if you don’t like that kind of thing you should be aware that your child will have free access to it when you chuck your iPhone in the back of the car in the hope he or she will keep quiet for a bit!

Free kids games can be an excellent way to break up the monotony of a long car journey – and that means when you get to the other end, everyone is still friends!

About author: Lisa is passionate about online games. She has recently started downloading free kids games on her computer for her children.

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