How to Save Money with New Twins at Home

Having newborn twins is an amazing blessing and a truly wonderful experience for parents. With two babies to love and care for also come extra expenses that can be difficult to manage. In order to care for both children while still living within your means, use the following tips. Each will focus on saving money without depriving your babies of anything.

Trade Babysitting Services: Hiring a babysitter for even a few hours each week can be incredibly expensive. However, parents need to spend a few hours alone in order to recharge and feel ready to take on the challenge of twins. Instead of shelling out for an expensive babysitter, consider swapping services with another new parent. Spend one afternoon caring for her babies and let her return the favor another day each week.

Try Cloth Diapers: The cost of disposable diapers for two newborn babies can be astronomical. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on disposable diapers, invest in cloth diapers instead. Cloth diapers have been updated in recent years to be much easier and more convenient than in the past. Over the first year of your twins’ life you can save thousands of dollars by using cloth diapers.

Skip the Single Room: Many parents want the best while giving birth to their twins in the hospital. Although a single room might seem worth the added expense because of the increased privacy, keep in mind that nurses, doctors, friends and family members will be coming in hourly anyway. Save money and share a room while in the hospital.

Embrace Breastfeeding: The cheapest and often healthiest way to feed your newborn will be by breastfeeding. If it is possible, consider the option and breastfeed both babies for the first year. In those twelve months alone you will save between two and three thousand dollars by breastfeeding instead of buying expensive formula.

Car Seats to Grow With Your Babies: It can be tempting to buy the cheaper car seats for your children in order to save money upfront. However, the cheapest car seats often only last for a year or two and then you will have to purchase the next size up all over again. Save in the long run by spending a little more for convertible car seats that will grow with your babies and last until they are toddlers.

Ask Friends and Family for Used Items: Many parents prefer to buy items like cribs from a retailer to ensure that they are hygienic and brand new. Other items, like high chairs or used clothes, can be borrowed from family and friends to save you money. This can be a big help and most people are happy to lend you their used baby items or even give them to you permanently.

Puree Your Own Baby Food: Baby food for just one baby can be expensive, but for two it can be downright astronomical. Pureeing cooked fruits and vegetables with a food processor or handheld pureeing device is a great way to save money. Although it might take a couple of hours each week, the money you save will be well worth the additional time.

Each of these options is a potential way to save money if you have two newborn babies at home. Over the course of a year you can save thousands of dollars by incorporating each of these steps into your budget.

Andrew Greene is a father and freelance writer who blogs for where you can get quick cash loans.

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