Why Single Moms Should Pursue a Nursing Career

Why Single Moms Should Pursue a Nursing Career

Being a single mom and supporting a family is tough. Finding the right career that supports your individual and family goals can be even tougher. SingleMoms.com and Forbes.com have both identified nursing as one of the best fields for single mothers to work in. Why is nursing such a great option for single moms?

1. Great Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing jobs are expected to grow 16% between 2014 and 2024—much faster than the average. This means as many as 440,000 nursing jobs will become available in that time. Because of the increasing demand of nursing staff in a variety of fields and specialties, there will be increased opportunity for growth for nurses in the field, also.

2. Flexibility

Another benefit of a nursing career is the variety of options available to Registered Nurses (RN). With the previously mentioned positive job outlook, there are likely to be a variety of opportunities available to single moms. Therefore, they can choose a nursing career that best meets their needs and their family’s needs. For some moms, this might mean working the night shift at a hospital. For others, this might mean working as a school nurse, nurse administrator, case manager, or one of the many other nursing field jobs.

3. Good Wages

The national average nurse’s wage is $64,000 per year which is 7% higher than the average wage of other jobs nationwide. Government employed nurses make the highest wages followed by hospital nursing staff. The lowest paid nursing professionals typically work in doctors’ offices.

4. Start Earning Sooner

Many healthcare institutions prefer their nurses to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Many will accept nurses with technical certificates or Associate’s degrees on the condition they pursue a higher degree in nursing. This often entails signing a contract and agreeing to finish a BSN program within a set amount of time. Many institutions will also offer tuition reimbursement.

Therefore, single moms will not need to complete an entire four-year program before they get into the workforce and start earning a salary as a nurse. A single mom who wishes to get an advanced nursing degree can benefit from accelerated BSN to MSN programs. This is important because single moms are typically supporting their family solo or mostly solo. They benefit greatly from being able to get into the workforce in their desired field as quickly as possible.

Nursing is a versatile career field that yields the potential for flexibility and the opportunity for growth. Single moms can feel at ease knowing that job opportunities are likely to be available to them wherever they may go and that RN salaries are competitive. Moms that need to get into the workforce sooner rather than later can pursue a technical certificate or associate’s degree and then continue their education while working. All of these factors make nursing a great choice for single moms everywhere.

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