How Technology Is Transforming Healthcare

Healthcare Technology

Healthcare is a constantly evolving field; in order to keep pace with the challenges that modern healthcare systems face there needs to be constant innovation and embracing of new ideas. As our knowledge of medicine and physiology has grown we have developed new techniques and combined these with the latest technologies to completely transform the field of medicine.

There are a number of different forms of technology which are now playing a central role in directing the future of healthcare developments. In this article we take a look at some of the most important ways that healthcare is being transformed by the introduction of technology.

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In today’s world, data is power. Data underpins all the most advanced research being carried out in the world today, regardless of the precise field. It is often now said that data is a more valuable commodity than oil and the possibilities that it opens up for businesses and entrepreneurs to cash in on the revolution are enormous.

Within the context of the healthcare industry, data has a very special and multi faceted role to play. In recent years the increasing sophistication of our methods for collecting and storing data electronically have made it possible to passively collect very large data sets and have them automatically analyzed by very powerful computers. Such methods have allowed hospitals to begin to track the spread of diseases between patients and determine how the spread of infection between patients in the same hospital can be slowed and stopped.

Data is also being used to dramatically improve the quality of care that patients receive by making it easy for doctors to analyze any specific aspect of their treatment. Those who are interested in the way in which we collect, manage, and utilize patient data in a healthcare setting should consider studying an online MHA program. By studying for an online MHA degree, you will not only be gaining knowledge in an exciting field, you can study part-time while working. The University of Cincinnati is one of a number of leading universities that now offer high quality online course options.

3D Printing

3D printing is threatening to radically transform manufacturing and the way that we as a civilization consume physical products. It is already playing a transformative role in medicine, being used as a method by which we can produce organs suitable for transplant. It might sound very futuristic but there are patients waling among us already who have 3D printed organs inside them.

3D organ printers build the organ layer by layer from a scaffolding made of a specially designed organic material. Of course, it is essential that the materials used can be placed safely in the human body for a prolonged period, so far the materials we are using have been shown to be incredibly safe and effective.


Virtual reality (VR) is currently being used to allow surgeons to train and practice procedures within a realistic simulation. As these simulations become more realistic and we develop hardware that can provide realistic feedback, these simulations become more and more useful as training tools.

Technology has always been the driving force behind major changes in medicine and this continues to be true to this day.