Jogging With A Stroller – How To Start And What To Keep In Mind

Many moms would like to stay active after pregnancy but there are so many new responsibilities that they often don’t have time for exercising, going to fitness classes or swimming pool. Moreover, they are spending with the baby most of the time – husband is working, grandparents live in another city and hiring a nanny is too expensive. So is there any way to get back to physical activity after pregnancy? Yes, there is! Start jogging with a stroller.

If you usually don’t have much time for yourself and there is no one who could take care of the baby for a while, you can just bring your baby for workout. Jogging with a baby in a stroller is very popular nowadays. No wonder, it is very convenient and pleasant way to lose those extra pounds after pregnancy and spend time with the baby outdoor. It may be very enjoyable for the child, less monotonous than a walk.

What moms should keep in mind before they start running with a baby in a stroller? There are two main conditions that must be met.

First of all, the child should be at least 6 months old. This condition is related to baby’s safety. During running the stroller will be shaking and the baby will be exposed to some bumps. Therefore it is necessary that the child was able to sit straight and keep head up unassisted – which usually 6-month-old babies are able to do, however sometimes 5-month-old babies can sit, sometimes you have to wait till 8 month. Everything depends on your baby’s developing pace. Little children have very delicate spin, therefore it is good to wait until they have developed head and neck control, before you start running with them.

The second condition is buying a jogging stroller which is specially design for running with a baby. Some moms may ask why would they need another stroller for running when their everyday stroller is perfectly fine. Beside, jogging stroller is another expensive baby item to buy that takes space in home. However, for safety reasons, moms should run only with the strollers that are design for that.

What is the difference between an everyday stroller and a jogger? What to keep in mind when purchasing a stroller for jogging?

First, joggers have three, not four wheels. The front wheel is pivoting which gives the stroller more agility, but it also should have the option of locking up. Locked front wheel provides with better stability which is essential during running and going over bumpy terrain.

Usually the wheels are really big – most of them have 16’’ and they are air-pumped. Those wheels may be very similar to bicycle wheels. Moreover, jogging strollers have better weight distribution and suspension system. Those features provide better riding dynamics, stability and cushioning when going over uneven terrain. Thanks to big air-filled tires the child won’t get bumped around on grass, gravel or unbeaten road.

Another useful feature that mom should keep in mind is the hand brake. It is a necessary function if you plan on running in hilly area. It is also nice to have because it is an extra safety feature. Many modern jogging strollers have both brakes, for example BOB Revolution PRO.

Apart from the handbrake there is also a parking, foot-operated brake. Another necessary safety features are: 5-point harness and safety wrist strap thanks to which you can be sure the stroller won’t run away from you.

There is also one more safety feature, which is relatively new on the market – stroller fabric that glows in the dark. It definitely provides more safety jogging for moms who like to run in the evening or early in the morning. You can find such fabric on BOB Revolution FLEX Lunar, one of the best strollers for 2018.

Moms should not forget also about baby’s comfort. Jogging stroller should provide comfy and pleasant ride for the little passenger. The seat should be nicely padded and reclinable. Canopy has to be large, providing proper sun shade and ventilation, at the same time.

It is also good to have weather cover and insect shield – it can be folded and store in basket under the seat, just in case it started to rain heavily or if you want to run in forest or park where there may be some insects.

Jogger should be also convenient to use for you. It’s nice to have an adjustable handlebar to set it in convenient height for pushing. If the handlebar is to short or too high for you, your wrists will hurt and you will be kicking the back of the stroller during running. You don’t want that! Moreover the stroller should be easy to fold and fit in your car trunk.

Joggers are usually quite heavy, mostly because of large wheels, suspension system and more strong frame. It is understandable – they have to be strong and durable enough to go over uneven terrain and handle running. However, before you decide to buy a jogging stroller, you should check if you are able to lift the stroller – you will have to bring it down the stairs or at least lift it to put in a car trunk. Recently we can find on the market lightweight joggers that weigh the same as everyday strollers. For example, Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight, one of the best strollers on the market, weighs only 26 lbs. Another lightweight stroller for jogging is Thule Urban Glide which weighs 23 lbs.

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Jogging with a baby in a stroller may be a fun activity for both of you. It may help moms to get back into shape after pregnancy and the baby will have a chance to experience something new, watch the surrounding and learn new things. It’s not only an active way to rest and relax, but also perfect way for strengthen the bond with a child. Moms can finally do something for themselves while spending time with their babies at the same time.