Why Single Moms Should Pursue a Career in Social Work

Why Single Moms Should Pursue a Career in Social Work

If you are a single mother, you familiarize with the notion that career options are limited. The feeling gets real since you have children to raise and take care. Have you ever taken the time to ponder about numerous job opportunities at your disposal when you pursue social work? As social workers, single moms do well since the work entails a variety of specialty. One can be a hospital social worker, school and nursing home social worker and much more. Below are more reasons why women should consider pursuing this endeavor.

1. You are Sure to Make a Difference

Once you have skills in this kind of work, it will be easy for you to identify and help people who need help in the society. In this field, many workers get the chance to connect to courses which are of importance to them. Be it helping an alcoholic, abused child, etc., in the end; it’s a difference made.

2. One Gets a Broad Perspective of Life

This career gives you ample time off your busy schedule of caring for your kids, where you view life in a whole new way as you get to learn about what other people outside your circle go through. Making you appreciate your life and those of others.

3. Your Family Ties are Strengthened

Through changing your perspective on life and helping you enjoy your family more, this usually leads one to have their family ties strengthened. Skills such as healthy communication and problem-solving techniques are inculcated in the family thereby reinforcing it.

4. You can Pursue it Online

The career is flexible that you can learn online if you have a busy schedule that does not permit you to go to a physical classroom. Many people have started from the lowest education level. What is more, you can pursue the masters in social work online. After completion of your studies, you get employment in a myriad of organizations.

As it is, there is a lot that single moms can do either as part-time or full-time that changes both their lives and the society as a whole. Pursuing a career in social work is the real deal.