Reiki Benefits in Fertility

Conceiving a child is an emotionally painful and draining experience for many couples. Fertility problems can be caused by a number of factors. In women the most common physical causes are hormonal abnormalities or prior infections of the genitourinary tract. For men, the problem is often abnormal sperm, a growing problem that may be due to environmental toxins.

There are also a significant number of couples that have problems conceiving despite the fact that they have no reproductive abnormalities. The prevailing wisdom is that this is likely due to stress and emotional tension on the part of the woman. This creates a catch-22, as the stress tends to increase with each passing month, further reducing the chances of conception. The relationship between stress and conception would appear to be supported by anecdotal evidence that women who have given up trying to conceive and adopt a child, often end up pregnant.
Healing therapies, like Reiki can benefit couples who are experiencing fertility problems, even in situations where medical professionals have concluded there is very little hope of conception. Reiki healing improves overall physical and mental health, including reproductive health. It can help to minimize the conditions that contribute to infertility as it accelerates the natural healing process. Reiki is particularly effective in helping those whose infertility has no known cause. It produces a state of deep relaxation during which psychological and emotional transformation can take place. This type of therapy empowers the recipient, helping them change their response to perceived stressors, ultimately lowering stress levels and restoring emotional balance.

Reiki is a very subtle, yet powerful, energy healing art. It originated in ancient Tibet, but after several millennia, was rediscovered by a Japanese physician. He gave it a Japanese name comprised of two words; Rei, for the universal life energy; and Ki, the energy life force. The objective of Reiki therapy is to balance the Ki in the body and improve the energy flow to foster self healing. During a treatment session, the Reiki practitioner uses gentle hand movements to channel positive energy from his/her hands to the client. This is often done without any body contact, as the practitioner’s hands merely hover over areas of the client’s body.

Reiki techniques are simple, gentle and safe, but the effects are often profound. The health benefits associated with Reiki treatment include: reduction of stress, anxiety and muscle pain; improved immune function; increased energy levels; and accelerated healing and detoxification. Reiki may not offer a cure, but it offers many side benefits as it addresses the client as a whole; mind, body and spirit.

It is difficult to explain how Reiki actually works. The whole idea of biological energies is a foreign concept in Western medicine. Medical skeptics tend to credit any healing that takes place to the power of suggestion or the placebo effect. Modern medicine hasn’t quite caught up with science. How the Eastern healing arts work, falls into the realm of quantum physics. We now know with certainty that there is a measurable energy field around the human body and researchers are beginning to clarify the roles of various kinds of energy in the healing process. Whether or not the benefits of Reiki in aiding fertility are fully understood, they appear to be real and reliable. At the very least, Reiki can greatly increase your quality of life during the stressful process of trying to conceive.

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