Relaxation As The Best Part Of Being Pregnant

Relaxation as the Best Part of Being Pregnant2

You hear women complaining about how stagnant their life becomes as the pregnancy advances. It involves less and less moving, and more and more resting and eating. You barely get to cross a threshold without somebody skittering about you as if you are about to topple at any minute. And people are always fidgety and extremely careful around you as if you are made of soap bubbles and they are massive wind turbines. And let’s not get started on all the unwanted food you get to and have to devour to satisfy the hunger of the little being inside you.

But really, is that so bad?

People spend a ton of cash to go to spa centres and have a week or a day of rest. They rest in clinics to undergo holistic treatments and engorge themselves with all the creams and relaxation medicines they can find. And, at the end of the day, is that not what you are supposed to be doing?

People will keep repeating ‘relax, get some rest, you need it, the baby needs it, etc.’ Actually doing it would not mean you are giving in to their requests and it would not mean that you are giving up on your independent persona. What with all the swelling and cramps that you will be getting, relaxation is actually the thing you really need. Maybe you are one who gets fidgety when you don’t have something going on and need to be occupied, but you don’t have to be a workaholic all the time. Indulge yourself with some rest. Lie down on a comfortable sofa with as many pillows and cushions you want and see what’s on TV while further indulging yourself with a box of ice cream. See all the pregnant women doing it on the TV shows? Maybe that’s not a stereotype, maybe there is actually a reason for that.

Stop fighting people’s attempts to help. If they want to do something for you so bad, excellent. Let them do the home cleaning. Let them take turns with the vacuum cleaner and see what it is like to be you during the other 10 months of the year. Leave the carpet cleaning and the oven cleaning to their bendable backs while you have the unique opportunity to enjoy the cosiness of your home like never before and sometimes never after. You need rest just like everybody else and it’s somebody else’s turn to take responsibility to wash the dishes, to cook, to keep the house clean, to walk the dog and so on. Treat your bedroom and living room as your own comfortable and cosy spa salon, invite friends to enjoy it with you and enjoy your free holiday months.

Giving in to the relaxation you need is just as therapeutic as any spa centre. You simply need to find your own place, the spot where you can sit and rest and enjoy yourself while others do chores and house cleaning and deal with bills and school and work. You did your part, and the last few months of pregnancy are the time to recharge and take a deep breath. There will be a lot of exhaling to do once this rest ends.

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