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How to Plan a Double Christening When You Have Twins

Planning a baptism ceremony and party for just one child can be hard enough. There is so much to tend to and manage, it can seem pretty overwhelming at times. But for those of us blessed with twins it really is a case of double the fun without much extra work. Keep reading to find out how you can plan the perfect naming, baptism, or christening ceremony for your adorable twins.

twins baptism

The first thing you will need to do is contact the minister or lay chaplain who will be officiating your double ceremony. Now while they do this day in and day out every Sunday, there is a chance yours will be the first twins they have ever officiated. Luckily for all parties involved the ceremony does not need to be reworked much do work for two children. They might have to double up some parts, but the for the most part the official christening or naming ceremony will work very well.

Once you have the minister on-board with your super double christening, it’s time to plan the fun stuff – the guest list and the party! You are welcome to invite as many friends and family as you would like. And with two “centers of attention” that day, you will get everyone wanting to show up. When you know who will be invited, it’s time order up the christening invitations. Now there might be a little snag here. Most invitations that are “fill in the blank” do not have room for two names. So for here you might need to get custom made ones, or do it yourself.

After the invitations are mailed it’s time to host the party. The party will take place after the actual ceremony at the church occurs. Some people prefer to give the newly christened baby some downtime before the party starts. Depending on their age and mood, they might need a little nap or even have it the next day if needed. But if your twins are well behaved and get their naps on time you can easily host the party that afternoon.

At the party you might also want to serve a christening cake. While you could get two cakes, that really is too much. Every cake baker will be more than happy to personalise a christening cake for your twins with both of their names on it. And also at the party, the guests will be brining christening gifts and presents for your twins. This might be a little interesting since many people will not want to give them each the same thing. If they get any duplicate items do not worry too much about it – after all, the ceremony is the important and symbolic part of the day, and the party is truly a time to celebrate the joy of having twins!

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