Jon & Kate plus 8

I’ve been enthralled by the Jon & Kate plus 8 show on TLC, the family with 7-year old twins, and 3-year old sextuplets. They even have their own website at The last episode I watched was when plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Glassman performed a complimentary tummy-tuck on Kate after the doctor’s wife saw her …

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Shauna: The Baby Boys Are Here!

Born today! Shown here with big brother, Coltin. Baby A: Bergin Paul ~ 5 lbs 6 oz (Blonde Hair) Baby B: Draydin David ~ 6 lbs 2 oz (Brown Hair) Both Mom and Babies are doing great after having a C-Section this morning!

Shauna: 36 week Preg Check

Here’s finally a picture of Shauna and her growing tummy for you all to see she is real! And, of course, little Miss Merin, got in the picture as well.  I wonder how she’s going to react to having two new babies in the house soon! Shauna gained 8 pounds last week, but lost 4 …

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Shauna: 33 week Preg Check

Shauna went to the OB doc yesterday. She has gained 4 pounds since last week, but she is starting to retain fluid.  She has only gained 18 pounds total thus far. Her stress test was normal.  And the results of the ultrasound were: Baby A – heartbeat 132 – 4 lb. 2 oz. Baby B …

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Shauna: 32 week Preg Check

Shauna is now on weekly doctor visits and still off work, supposed to be taking it easy (although hard to do with a one year old running around).  Her belly has grown two more inches, yet she has lost one pound. Next week an ultrasound is scheduled.  I am so glad she is doing so …

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Shauna: 29.5 week Preg Check

I didn’t get Shauna’s checkup recorded last week as I was traveling in London. But she had an ultrasound and saw that one baby was head up and the other head down. They measured at almost four pounds each already! Today was a bit of a scare as she woke up bleeding so went to …

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