Jon & Kate plus 8

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I’ve been enthralled by the Jon & Kate plus 8 show on TLC, the family with 7-year old twins, and 3-year old sextuplets. They even have their own website at The last episode I watched was when plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Glassman performed a complimentary tummy-tuck on Kate after the doctor’s wife saw her disfigured belly and felt sorry for her. Will any plastic surgeons feel sorry for me if I expose my stomach? I need a tummy tuck after having my four children (including twins), but need to save a few more dollars first.

Anyway, back to the show… will be featured in “Kate Hires a Nanny” airing February 10 and 11, so I plan to watch that episode. Even though my kids are all in school, I’m still considering hiring a nanny to help with the kids after school and on weekends. And if they can cook and clean, all the better!

Nannies 4 Hire