Preemies: The Tiny Survivors

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the world of preemies, those remarkable tiny survivors who beat the odds from the very start. Preterm infants, born before 37 weeks of gestation, face unique challenges and require specialized care. We’ll explore the incredible resilience of preemies, their medical journey, and the essential care they need to …

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Shauna: 20.5 week Preg Check

It’s a Boy!  And it’s another Boy!   Yep, Shauna broke the family cycle and found out she is having twin boys!  She said her husband, Josh’s head is so big, he can barely fit through the doorway!  According to the ultrasound, Baby A in on the left, head up, with a heartbeat of 130.  …

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Shauna: 16 week Preg Check

My wordpress admin has been giving me fits, so I meant to write this last week.  Shauna went in for normal prego exam, and the heartbeats of both babies were good.  Shauna has been on progesterone, not only because of her miscarriage history, but because twins have a higher risk of being born early.  The …

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Be a Hero for Babies Day

June 7th, is Be a Hero for Babies Day. Please join the thousands of heroes who are helping us raise $2 million in ONE day to help fight premature birth. And, best of all, Farmers will match every dollar (up to $250,000) donated by all heroes like you.

Shauna: 13 week Preg Check

Shauna went in last week for a routine OB check.  They decided to do another ultrasound since she’s still been spotting a bit.  The babies are growing fine, and they could even see little legs and arms moving.  The babies were too big to check their gender vaginally, and too small via normal ultrasound.  So …

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