Share your Story with Us!

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When I first started the “Preemie Twins” website back in 1998 on, I had a guestbook where others could share their preemie and/or multiples stories. I have saved those hundreds of entries, but have been a bit lazy in adding them since I upgraded the site to a WordPress blog.

But with some encouragement of my friend, Andrew Wee, I have decided to get motivated and add the stories, as it really is encouraging and comforting to read about other people that have endured similar experiences. Be patient as it may take me a bit of time to transfer them all. And knowing me, I’ll want to re-read them all again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I encourage new visitors to submit their story as well for inclusion. This is will save me time using this new site, so your story should appear rather quickly on the site. I look forward to reading your stories! Here’s Macy & Mallory’s Story (my million dollar miracle babies).