How to protect your twins from obesity


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Raising twins is twice as difficult as raising one child. There are a lot of obstacles and problems on your way but you need to make no compromises and accept nothing but the best for them. One of your duties as a parent is to protect them from an emerging disease, obesity.


Parents tend to give everything they can for their kids and they usually spoil them with food and toys. However, by not taking care what you feed your children could result to obesity. It is very important to teach your children how to eat healthy from their early childhood because once they grow up as obese children they will end up obese adults.

#1 Protect them while they are still in the womb

Recent studies show that women who are obese during the time they were pregnant are more likely to give birth to obese twins. For that reason, it is highly recommended to take care of your weight and overall state of health from conception to childbirth.

Though low calorie diets are discouraged during pregnancy, this does not mean that you should eat anything you want. If possible, skip or at least keep in low amounts your sweet, salty and oily food consumption. Do walking exercises to manage your twin’s birth weight which could greatly reduce their risk of being born with a tendency to become obese.

Caution: Always consult your doctor about your diet and exercise before, during and after your pregnancy.

#2 Eat healthy when you are breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is encouraged because of its many benefits to you and your twins. But you should remember that you need to continue your healthy diet because the quality of milk your produce is dependent on the food you eat. That means, if you consume foods high in fat, the milk you’ll be feeding to your twins will also contain high amount of fats.

#3 Be a hands-on parent

TV keeps kids occupied and parents usually leave their kids watching Barney for hours. Though they’ll learned a lot from Barney, wouldn’t it be great if you are the one whose going to teach them shapes, colors, alphabets, numbers, and songs? Just like Barney, go on a real adventure with your twins in the park or encourage them to sing and dance with you. This way, both their minds and bodies are on the move.

#4 Encourage them to play with other kids

Twins seems like they have a world of their own. They have this unbreakable bond which sometimes makes them feel different from other kids, thus they do not want to play with them. If this is the case, talk to your twins and tell them that although they are special, they are still kids who should have fun playing with the other kids.

#5 Buy them activity toys

Have you already decided what to give your twins this Christmas? If not, how about buying each of them a bike or roller skates or a micro scooter? Everybody treasures their first bike because we had a lot of fun with them, and your twins will have loads of fun with their bikes as well. Toys like these will not only provide countless years of fun but it will also keep them fit and healthy. So, drop the idea of buying them video games and buy them something that will keep them physically active.