Help Your Kids Thrive: The Benefits Of Early Childhood Education

Benefits Of Early Childhood Education

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You observe a group of children playing in a classroom. The teacher leads a small group in songs, an assistant works with another group engaged in a letter game, a third group of children are building with blocks, and yet others are painting at an easel. It may seem like these children are simply playing but so much more is actually happening to enhance development in a variety of areas. While children are enrolled in early childhood education programs for a variety of reasons, quality programs offer benefits to all of them.

Improved School Abilities

Children who are enrolled in early childhood education have a good chance of higher academic achievement. They are often more comfortable with longer school hours if they enrolled in an education program at a young age. This allows them to be more excited and focused on learning.


Better Behavior

Children learn so many social behaviors at a very young

age. Excellent preschool programs instill appropriate social and emotional learning. When socialized at a young age, children get along with classmates better and learn good behaviors.

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Higher Graduation Rates

The Perry Preschool Project

is a well-known study of early childhood education. It has proven that children from lower socio-economic statuses are less likely to drop out of high school if they are enrolled in quality preschool programs.

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Greater Adult Productivity

The study mentioned above also shows that adults who, as children, attended early childhood education programs earn more, on average, than those who did not. Additionally, there is a higher percentage of females who are enter the labor force. Better and increased education leads to the ability of these individuals to get better jobs.

Introduces New Experiences

Early childhood education

can introduce your children to activities and experiences they may not have otherwise. It can help them get comfortable at an early age with change and new experiences. For example, The International School of MN introduces young children to swimming, music arts and more. These activities can help them prepare for school in many different ways.

Superior early childhood education programs encourage exploration by children, nurture their emotions, and have well-trained teachers. Enrolling children in such programs will allow them to reap benefits that others may not see. Early childhood education enhances skills and abilities all through life.

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