Soft Toys for Christmas

Five Reasons Why A Soft Toy Makes a Great Christmas Gift

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Soft Toys for Christmas

Christmas is creeping up on us, soon enough the radio will be broadcasting all of your favourite Christmas carols and you will tunelessly sing along as you try to decide which advent calendar to buy the kids. You were going to make one, but you’ve got so much to do this year it’s going to have to be the standard chocolate-behind-the-window shop bought effort (again).

One thing you do need to make time is for Christmas shopping. You have a long list of nearest and dearest to shop for and no clue what to buy. Let us help you out, do you want to give something that will give joy, comfort and happiness to the recipient? Then how about gifting adorable soft toys this Christmas?

You could wrap up love and cuddles in the form of furry friends for your loved ones, after all who doesn’t like a cuddly toy?

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Here are five reasons why a soft toy makes a great Christmas gift:

1. A Soft Toy Will Always Be Your Friend

A soft toy won’t be disappointed if you arrive late or forget to call. A soft toy won’t talk about you behind your back or fall out with you because you they don’t like your new partner. In fact, a soft toy is there for you through thick in thin, in good times and bad. They don’t care if you can’t be bothered to wash your hair that day and won’t ask for your advice over trivial nonsense. A soft toy will always be your friend!

2. A Soft Toy Will Always Listen to You

Are you one of those people who tends to natter on? Do you like to retell stories and recall all the good times in your life (often repeating stuff without realising – or caring)? Well you can say what you like to a soft toy, they don’t mind how long you drone on about the price of petrol and they won’t pull a face when you moan about the fact that you can no longer fit into a pair of size 10 jeans.

3. A Soft Toy Will Never Say No to a Hug

A soft toy doesn’t have a very busy life, in fact their only mission is to be cuddled and loved. So, you can rest assured that a soft toy will always have time for a hug. You can hug it as much as you like for as long as you like. You can hug it in bed or whilst curled up on a sofa watching a horror movie, heck you can even hug it in the morning as you eat your cornflakes.

4. A Soft Toy Is Better Company Than Some People!

A soft toy doesn’t whistle tunelessly or talk through your favourite movie. It won’t eat the last doughnut (which was yours) and it won’t complain when you duck out of a late-night drink because you want to just snuggle up and read a book. No drama, no arguments, no fuss, no complaints – bliss.

5. A Soft Toy Can Remind You of Happy Times

Remember when the world was your oyster? When you had no cares or worries and the only decision you had to face was whether you should play hide and seek or go for a ride on your bike? Once upon a time life was simple and some days you long to go back to that time. Oh, the joy of being able to rid yourself of the angst of bills, chores and debates. A soft toy can transport you back to your childhood, to simpler times when you had less to worry about and more time to do the things you loved. A soft toy can also remind you of loved ones who may no longer be in your life.

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Give Adorable Soft Toys This Christmas

Forget the obligatory socks or dull-as-dishwater soap on a rope. Skip the fattening chocolates and bin the monogrammed handkerchiefs (no-one will thank you for those). Instead give someone a slice of happiness in the form of a cute and cuddly soft toy. Young or old, a soft toy will bring a smile to the lips of the lucky recipient.