Easy School Lunch Ideas for Kids

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One Month of Easy School Lunch Ideas

When my twins were babies, I swear we tried every kind of baby formula made to find one compatible with their irritable little bellies since they both had Necrotizing Entero Colitis. As they grew up, we still had to monitor their food intake as Macy couldn’t have anything with milk soy protein in it, and Mallory actually needed extra caffeine. So you’d think they’d grown up to be picky eaters, but not so. In fact, it’s my other two children that are my picky eaters!

Taylor, now in college, and Tatym in highschool, both still prefer to pack their own lunch for school than to eat at a school cafeteria. Knowing that, I’m checking out this free meal planner from Coupons.com that includes easy-to-follow lunch ideas, printable menus, shopping lists, helpful tips and more.

One Month of Easy School Lunch Ideas Infographic

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