Preemie the Explorer: The Little Rocket Who Took Off Too Soon (Book)

Preemie the Explorer

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Rohan Haggart recently wrote a book to help children who face the ongoing challenges associated with premature birth entitled Preemie the Explorer: The Little Rocket Who Took Off Too Soon. The book is a story about “Preemie,” the little rocket, who, due to a terrible storm, is forced to take off from his launching platform before his outer shell and turbo thrusters have been connected.

Preemie becomes the target of a gang of bullying spacecraft due to his diminutive size. Although Preemie can fly quite well, some of his computers are not connected, including his navigational system, which prevents him from heading straight home to his builders. Luckily, Preemie and his three child passenger come across planet NICU where the wise moles and kangaroos provide care and invaluable advice to help Preemie find his courage and, ultimately, restore his self esteem.

Rohan wrote this book after a conversation with a friend that he met while completing his undergraduate psychology degrees. Dr. Carly Molloy, is a neuropsychologist who works with preemie kids and runs a wonderful web site about all things preemie related at

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This book is designed to help children learn vicariously, through Preemie’s adventures, that their differences can be their strengths and everyone is perfect in their own way. The story is beautifully illustrated by Andrew Hopgood and is full of fun characters, exciting action, and important strategies and life lessons.

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Preemie the Explorer: The Little Rocket Who Took Off Too Soon.