Adoption Vs. Surrogacy

Mom holding child

For couples wishing for a child when they cannot conceive one naturally on their own, adoption and surrogacy are the options most frequently considered. Either of these options are a great choice for couples, however many factors should be considered before making a decision as to which is best for the couple involved. Cost, emotional situations, and other factors related to both adoption and surrogacy should come into play before a couple makes a decision as to which is best for them.

Adoption- the good

Adoption is an excellent choice for couples wanting a child who does not have a home of their own. Adoption fees can be costly, however not near as much as an average surrogacy cost (an international adoption can cost over $50,000 and a domestic adoption can cost upwards of $35,000) and an adoption can also take time. For couples who are lucky enough to bond with a child in foster care, adoption is nearly free. Regardless, adoption is considered priceless for both the children and the families wanting to add precious lives to their loving homes.

Adoption- the negative

As mentioned above, adoption fees can be costly, and the process for an adoption to go through can be lengthy. There are background and home checks, finding reputable lawyers and adoption agencies, and finally, there is the chance that the birth mother may choose to back out of an agreed-upon adoption just when the couple is getting ready to greet their new bundle of joy. These holdups and cautionary precautions can be expected with any type of adoption, regardless of cost or location.

Benefits of surrogacy

Surrogacy is a great choice for couples who want to feel more involved in the growth of their unborn child. Since a surrogate mother is implanted with the eggs and sperm of the parents (in most cases), the couple can have a biological child even though they are unable to carry the child on their own naturally. Parents can also find a surrogate to carry a child for them without their own sperm and/or eggs, so they can be involved throughout the pregnancy, which does not happen with most adoptions.

Becoming a surrogate mother is something many women consider, both for the financial rewards and the ability to give a childless couple the chance to have a baby of their own. Couples can explore their many options for surrogacy through the Center for Surrogate Parenting.

The downside of surrogacy

While surrogacy is certainly an excellent choice for parents wanting a biological child or a child they can be a part of from conception, this option certainly more costly than traditional adoption. In fact, a single surrogacy involving the sperm and eggs from the parents can cost upwards of $80,000 and often is above $100,000. Still, this option is worth it for couples who want a biological child through surrogacy.

Surrogacy can also result in failure, as with any pregnancy there is the chance that the pregnancy will not be successful. While the goal of all surrogate mothers is to maintain a healthy and happy pregnancy, a surrogacy stands the same risks for miscarriage and other issues as other pregnancies do, and families wishing for a child need to be prepared for this possibility.

Regardless of whether a couple chooses surrogacy or adoption to achieve their dreams of having children, they should know the pros and cons of choosing either method to have a baby. Costs, time frames, and risks should be taken into account for both surrogacy and adoption, so parents can be prepared to face any type of outcome or financial situation. In being informed, couples who wish to have children can know which procedure is best for their familial needs.