Picky Eaters? 4 Ways To Get Them To Eat Healthier

Picky Eaters? 4 Ways To Get Them To Eat Healthier

At times, it might seem like there is no way around getting picky eaters to try new foods. Children might like a certain meal, such as chicken nuggets or pizza. Even adults might not want to try new things because they don’t know about the taste of them. It’s important to get picky eaters to try new things in order to get essential vitamins and nutrients into the body. You could try vitamins, but fresh foods are often the best way to provide the healthy things that the body needs to grow and maintain the various systems. There are a few things that you can do to increase the desire to try new foods, some that add a bit of fun to your meals.

Making A Big Deal

Depending on the person, it might do a little good to make a big deal about eating new foods. You could try a rewards chart for children or explain how healthier foods will benefit the body for adults. At times, it might not be a good idea to make a huge fuss about not eating healthy items, especially if the person is making an attempt. If you don’t call attention to the fact that the person doesn’t eat healthy, then it might make it easier for the person to try new foods on his own.

Fun Meals

When you’re trying to get picky eaters to try new foods, one of the best things that you can do is to have fun with your meals. Conceal the food in casseroles, pizzas and other things that you know your family will enjoy. Don’t tell them that the food is in there right away to see if they can even tell if something is different. You could also add a favorite condiment, like ketchup or BBQ sauce, to foods to try to mask the initial taste of them. Another option is to make funny faces or shapes with the foods. This is a fun way for kids to get involved in eating healthy items, like a smiley face on pizza that is made with vegetables and cheese.


Supplements are a great way to receive additional nutrition when you may be lacking. You can add supplements to water or juice or even hide them in foods that your family already eats so that they don’t know that they are there. Most supplements include the essential vitamins and nutrients that the body needs, so even if your family doesn’t eat healthy, they can still get the benefits of what is needed by taking the supplement. There are some beverages, such as ASEA water that contain additional health benefits by helping to restore your body’s cells.

Showing The Benefits

If your family doesn’t see that there is a benefit to eating healthy, then they won’t see that there is a need. Lead by example and avoid eating junk food and drinking sodas. If it’s not in the house, then the family won’t be tempted to eat those foods. Make healthy snacks and meals something that you like so that the family will see that they can be enjoyed. You could also talk to them about how eating junk food won’t give the energy that is needed to perform daily activities or to do fun things, such as riding a bike.

When it comes to healthy eating, some of the options don’t taste that great. Hide the foods in a fun way, or work with the family to give them something they like while adding a healthy option as well. Don’t make a big deal out of something that is minor as long as there is an effort made.

Picky Eaters? 4 Ways To Get Them To Eat Healthier

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