Author: Kim Rowley

Kim Rowley is the mother of preemie twin daughters, Macy and Mallory, born January 27th, 1994 over 13 weeks early weighing 2 pounds each. She calls them her "million dollar miracle babies." Follow Kim on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

How To Set Up A Baby Blog

How To Set Up A Baby Blog

I wish “blogs” would have been around back when my twins were riding the NICU roller coaster in 1994. It would have been nice to keep our friends and families updated of the girls’ progress, as well as give me a place to scribble out …

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How To Get Pregnant With Twins

6 Major Challenges Of Having Twins

Believe it not, many people actually want to pregnant with twins. Either they want to get a jump start on their family twice as fast or maybe they just like the novelty and attention that having twins bring. Now I personally don’t recommend trying to …

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The Netflix Of Baby Books: BabyLibrary


My nieces and my favorite (only) nephew love books! When visiting, I’ve found myself reading them the same books over and over again. I make mental notes that books would make great gifts, but books are also expensive! I remember going to the library to new …

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Save On Baby Gear With Groupon Goods


This post was sponsored by Groupon. All opinions are my own.  Did you know that Groupon not only sells discounted local services, but you can now buy actual products from them as well? The products they sell are known as Groupon Goods, and let me tell you …

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