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Top Ten Easy Science Experiments For Kids

While math and reading are usually taught more actively at school at an early age, there is one subject that is often undervalued when it comes to everyday early child education: science. Children at a young age are curious and ask questions all day, every day. From wondering about what animal is climbing a tree to why their food tastes better when it’s warm, a child’s curiosity is a great starting point to introduce some simple science projects that will allow them hands-on educational learning.

science experiment

When you introduce and bring to life the real concepts of science, you are elevating a child’s skills in communication, research, problem-solving and analytical thinking. Scientific observation and testing can fine-tune children’s senses and awareness of the natural world. Interaction with an environment can help them understand how science influences nearly everything around them. Not to mention, conducting easy home experiments is a great way to entertain and educate children while at home during a pandemic.

Science lessons don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming — most likely, you already have the tools to turn a trip to the park into a fun educational experience. For instance, explore the ground and texture of the trees with a magnifying glass, or observe the stars in the night sky.

From geographical sciences to social science to botany and biological science, children can accumulate a vast knowledge of information from the world through everyday interests and social activities. A child’s early experiences with science could potentially lead to an interest and ultimately a career in biology, chemistry or engineering. With STEM jobs being in such high demand, nurturing your little one’s curiosity can pave the way for a bright future.

For ways to incorporate science into your daily activities, check out these easy science experiments to do at home.


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