Cat vs Dog: Which Should Be Your New Family Pet?

Cat vs Dog: Which Should Be Your New Family Pet?

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So, you’ve made the decision as a parent to introduce a new friend to your family. You naturally want a pet which will make growing children happy and provide company within an already loving home. The two natural choices for any family tend to be a cat or a dog. Cat vs Dog: Which Should Be Your New Family Pet?If you’re unsure which would be the most suitable for your children, for you, and for your household, then here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision. 

Dogs: The Pros 

Here are just some of the reasons why a dog can be a great choice for your family. 

  • They love to be played with. Your dog will love being played with by growing children, and bursts of energy during playtime will be a positive experience for all. 
  • They’re friendly and affectionate. Dogs are unconditional lovers, which means that they’ll take care of your family and be a positive influence. 
  • They can teach your children responsibility. Dogs are the ideal choice if you’re looking to teach your children how to care for something else.
  • They will keep your family active. This is perfect if you’re trying to get your family out more and keep your children exercising. 

Dogs: The Cons 

Here are some of the issues you may need to consider before getting a dog. 

  • They require a lot of looking after. Dogs require constant attention, walking, and play time. They’ll also push for your attention whenever they want it. 
  • They can be very tying. You won’t be able to do anything on a whim and they may stop you from doing things altogether. 
  • They can be expensive. Dog food and general upkeep can result in large bills.
  • They won’t suit a very busy lifestyle. Dogs require structure and constant attention. Not only does this mean generally, but also specifically in terms of key parts of their routine, such as feeding, walking, and health checkup appointments. Trying to fit in regular vet appointments when you have a busy schedule can be difficult, but this can be rectified by using a vet service like, which is flexible for awkward scheduling.

Cats: The Pros 

Here are some reasons why a new cat may be the perfect addition to your home. 

  • They require little attention. If you’re looking for an easygoing family pet, cats won’t push for your attention as much as dogs will. 
  • They’re very easy to look after. Their upkeep is less demanding than that of dogs. 
  • They are easier to move around. Whether you’re taking a family trip, visiting the vets, or just moving around the home, cats can easily be picked up and transported without a fuss.
  • They will be calming and affectionate to your family. Cats will be devoted to your family and can help to combat stress by cuddles and stroking, which kids will surely love. 

Cats: The Cons 

Here is why a cat may be problematic for your household. 

  • There’s no opportunity for regular family exercise. They offer no opportunity for family time spent outdoors or to grab big walks together. 
  • They may not take well to large amounts of attention. Your kids will need to quickly learn to understand when a cat wants to be left alone. This can be disappointing for children who really want to play and be affectionate all the time. 
  • You can’t play with them as energetically as dogs. Cats will love to be played with, but on their own terms. They may not be as responsive as dogs during playtime, either. 
  • They can be smelly. You’ll need a litterbox for the house, which can become smelly and dirty, requiring constant upkeep. 

As there are pros and cons to both dogs and cats, it all depends on what your family wants and needs.