7 Must Haves Items For The Breastfeeding Mom

Breastfeeding must haves

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If you determine that breastfeeding is best for you and your family, you may find yourself thinking that nature gave you everything you need to get the job done. While this is technically true, there are a number of items that you will want to research, and probably purchase, to make your life much easier while you are breastfeeding your little one. Let’s face it, there are few things that are easy, or free, when it comes to being a parent. Plan ahead to make breastfeeding the most hassle free experience you can before your baby is born.

The following is a list of handful of items that most breastfeeding moms would consider to be “must haves”.

1. Breast Pump

This may seem obvious, but a breast pump is beyond important. There are many different models, and brands. Some pumps are electric, and some you can operate manually. You can reach out to a local lactation consultant to see what their thoughts are on pumps and various brands. You might find that both an electric and manual model is what you need for your lifestyle. Now many breast pumps can be rented or paid for by your insurance company.

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2. Bottles And Storage Bags

You will need more storage bottles, and even bags, than you think. Load up on them! The more extra breast milk that you can pump and save away, the easier life can be for you as a nursing mom. Most breast pump brands conveniently come with their own line of storage products. Definitely check out your options, and buy a little of each to see what works best for you, and your preferred method to store extra breast milk.

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3. Nursing Pillows

As a new mom you may find yourself navigating the most comfortable way to hold your baby while you nurse. It can be more awkward than you’d imagine! A nursing pillow provides you with a little support while you are working it out. Additionally, for moms that have had a c-section, these pillows provide support and help alleviate the strain of holding a (surprisingly heavy) newborn while you recuperate from the surgery.

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4. Nursing Bras

Find yourself a good nursing bra towards the end of your third trimester. Make sure to have a properly fitting bra, because there is nothing worse than a bra that is ill fitting. This is not an area to buy an economy brand, if that can be helped. Nursing bras provide you with the ease to be able to nurse your baby without taking off your bra. This can be incredibly helpful for situations where you are nursing away from the comfort of your own home.

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5. Nursing Pads

Some women will require nursing pads to absorb breast milk that has leaked out unexpectedly. The need is different for every woman, you may or may not need these but it is best to have some on hand should you find that you tend to leak through.

Breast Pads

6. Purified Lanolin Nipple Cream

On occasion, you may find that your nipples will get a bit chafed from nursing. Lanolin cream is a great product which will provide relief to you quite quickly and it is safe for your baby.

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7. Nursing Necklace

As your baby gets a little older, they may start to get a little distracted while nursing. Wearing a baby-safe, and stimulating nursing necklace will keep your little ones attention where it is needed. You may also encourage them to explore reaching for and feeling the colorful beads while they nurse.

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