The Top 5 Baby Gift Ideas for Twins

When welcoming twins into your friends or families lives, gifting is a wonderful way to help celebrate and share your excitement with the new parents. They may feel overwhelmed with this double blessing, so be sure to consider a thoughtful yet practical gift that will help them transition into this world of wonderment without worrying about the simple things.

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Gifting for twins is really no more complicated than other gift-giving ideas, but can quickly become an exciting adventure as you explore the opportunities of personalized gifts and synchronized ideas. While matching outfits are always acceptable gifts and a fun way to capture their special identity, don’t be scared to think outside the box and bring something unique to each newborn in turn.

Our Top 5 Baby Gift Ideas for Twins

A Double Stroller

This item is a must for all new mom’s who have more than one child, but with twins, the need to be able to travel becomes twice as demanding and immediate. This item should be at the top of every new mom’s list, so be sure to ask before purchasing to make sure you buy exactly the one she feels will be the best fit in her new lifestyle.

Lots of Baby Bottles

Baby bottles are a traditional gift that is always welcome to any newborns home, but with two mouths to feed instead of one, buying an extra set or doubling up with a friend or family member is a great way to help relieve any financial worries that may come from two bouncing babies and provides long-term value to the owners.

High Chairs

High chairs are a practical gift that you can offer to a mother of twins. She will appreciate the addition to her home as breastfeeding can become a timely task, and having two mouths to feed at the same time will present a unique problem for these families. A high chair is a great way to help the new mom balance her time, and will always be a welcome and thoughtful gift.

Nursing Pillows

A nursing pillow is also a wonderful addition for any new mother, and buying a few means she will always have somewhere comfortable to share her twins. This gift is also perfect if you are unsure on her feeding preferences are, and can also be used throughout the day and night for other times she wants to spend close with her children. Chose fun and colourful pillows to help stimulate the twins, and luxurious fabrics for downtime.


Not a traditional gift by any means, but if you consider how many diapers a newborn will go through in their first few months, and then double that amount, you can quickly appreciate why this tongue-in-cheek gift will be greatly appreciated by any new twinned parents!

Burp Cloths

For those on a budget, burp cloths are an inexpensive way to help ease the daily tasks. You should never underestimate how many burp cloths twins can go through on any single day. If in doubt, always buy some extra packs just in case and see how far this gift can go.

When buying gifts for twins, keep in mind that if you are able to learn more about the family unit you will be able to provide a thoughtful and practical gift that will be welcomed twice as much!

5 gift ideas for twins