Long Day? Take Advantage Of Sitting By A Fire

Take Advantage Of Sitting By A Fire

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Some days are just longer than others and it takes more than your typical destressing routine to get yourself calm and centered. For those days, it can be a challenge to let go of what is bothering you and find a way to move on.

To really decompress from those days, you need to have your house set up in such a way that it promotes relaxation and allows you to slowly destress. Basically, you should have a variety of relaxation products for your home which even includes some fixtures.

One of which should be a fireplace or some kind of fire pit. There are a lot of benefits to having a fire fixture in your home or yard as it helps promote mental well being.

In this article, I will go over several benefits of sitting by a fire after a long day that you can enjoy.

1. Lower Blood Pressure

It could be for some primal reason, but the sound of a crackling fire when you are stressed actually leads to a reduction in your blood pressure.

There have been studies done that show that within minutes people see a reduction in their blood pressure due to the hypnotic noise of the fire. In fact, the noise of the fire is essential as people that only watched a video of the fire with no noise didn’t have their blood pressure reduced at all.

When you add up the factors such as the pleasant noise, the flicking flames and the relaxing heat from the fire, it becomes apparent that it can be a relaxing affair.

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2. White Noise

Though the sight of the flames does add a sort of hypnotic effect, it is the sound that provides the most benefits. When you have a sound like crackling fire or even the sound of running water, it tends to draw the focus of your mind.

The noise drowns out all the other sounds that can be jarring at worst and distracting at best. It’s the sounds of traffic or planes flying overhead and the other noise pollution that is a major cause of stress and anxiety.

Sitting by a fire allows your mind to focus and then become clear. Once you settle in, then you won’t even hear those other noises and it becomes very meditative.

3. It Relaxes the Muscles

When you have a stressful day, your body gets very tight. Your muscles are tense and this causes you to feel the stress very physically.

Sitting by a warm fire will heat up those tight muscles and then they start to loosen up. Once your muscles become loose, then the cortisol building up in your system starts to flow and dissolve. It’s almost like getting a massage. A warm cup of tea and a fire will have many of the same benefits that a massage would give you.

If it is cold outside then the muscles need even more help which the warm fire provides.