4 Ways To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

Girl picking flowers in the summer

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Keeping your family healthy and safe should top your list of priorities. Keeping young children healthy is entirely your responsibility, and you should be getting them interested in a healthy lifestyle from a young age. You can do this by encouraging them to join sports teams, and let them see where their food comes from by growing vegetables in the yard. Girl picking flowers in the summerAs summertime approaches, it’s vital that you keep your kids safe and healthy as certain dangers increase during the summer months, and these dangers include sun exposure, the likelihood of engaging in water sports and activities and trying new things with friends.

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1. Give Them Their Greens

Getting your kids to eat vegetables can prove quite difficult, especially if you have a household of fussy and picky eaters. Your kids are most likely wise to your tricks of hiding peas and carrots in their meals, so you need to find new ways of helping them to get their vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. One of the best ways to get kids to eat fruit and vegetables is to make the process of trying and cooking them fun. Take your kids out for the day and engage in fun activities such as swimming with them or going to a theme park. While you’re out, tell them that you’re going to treat them and take them to a trendy juice bar, or to a restaurant or café for a delicious and healthy smoothie.

2. Keep Them Active

Physical activity fosters good mental and physical health. Keep your kids healthy over the summer by encouraging them to play outside and engaging in sports. Ask your kids which sports are of most interest to them, and find out which local teams there are in your area. Make your yard inviting by adding swings, slides, and a climbing frame. Buy tennis balls and rackets from Tennis Exchange to get them playing outside, and invite their friends to your home to enjoy a game of soccer on the lawn.

3. Healthy Bone Development

Growing children need the right nutrition to support healthy bone growth and development. Your kids need to have good sources of protein and calcium in the diet, so make sure you’re able to get them to eat organic eggs, milk (preferably ones using almonds, soya, or hazelnuts), edamame beans, and plenty of pulses and grains such as quinoa, brown rice, lentils, and bulgur wheat. If you’re concerned about how much or how little calcium your kids are getting, then consider giving them supplements. Having said this, always consult your physician if you have concerns or questions to raise.

4. Safe In The Sun

Don’t let your young children play in the sun unless they have sun cream generously applied to their exposed skin. Sunblock is preferable if you have children under the ages of six months. Keep your kids safe and healthy by ensuring that they have access to fresh and cold water whenever they need it and that they have their own water bottle to drink from. You should be encouraging your kids to drink at least two liters of water in the summer sun, especially if they’re running around and losing fluid through perspiration.

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