Encouraging Your Kids In the Arts: A Mini Guide

Encouraging Your Kids In the Arts: A Mini Guide

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Switch off the Electronic Devices

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it does have a habit of destroying creativity. Limit their screen time and give them something else to do instead. You might get a bit of whining, to begin with, but it won’t take long for their creativity to shine through. Rather than turning on the TV first thing in the morning, encourage them to make something.

Provide them with Space and Supplies

You probably don’t want your children to be creative on your best dining room table, so provide them with a large flat surface where they can let their creativity run wild. Not everyone has the space for an extra table so help them by clearing up the breakfast things as soon as it’s finished or cover your dining room table with a protective cloth.

Provide Opportunities for Creative Play

Give your children plenty of opportunity to explore a range of creative play. Provide craft materials such as paint, crayons, and clay. Play improvisational games as a family and provide costumes for dressing up. Allow them to experiment in the kitchen with new tastes and combinations. Let them hear a range of different music and give them different instruments to play with.

Give them Freedom and Autonomy

Try not to tell them what to do or introduce rules, such as colouring between the lines. Give them the freedom to find their own way of doing things. Imposing external constraints only restricts their flexible thinking.

Encourage Reading and Participation in the Arts

If you’re limiting their screen time you need to give them something else to do, so why not encourage them to read a book? This is one creative activity you can encourage from a very early age. You could also help them learn to draw, take part in a play or take them to the theatre to enjoy one of the many live musicals for kids.

Focus on Process Rather Than Product

You’ll be far more successful at encouraging them in the arts of you’re not overly judgmental or focused on the end product. Ask them about the process they went through, what they liked about it and whether it was fun. Take note of all the above, but also be prepared for your kids taste to change over the years. Don’t be too disappointed if they want to try something else for a while. Support them in the choices they make and encourage their curiosity.