Guest Post: Non-Toxic Cleaning To Keep Your Baby and Kids Safe

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If you have a baby or little ones in the house, chances are that you are interested in making sure that you cleaners and safe and non-toxic for your family. Green cleaning is especially important because babies and kids are so sensitive to chemicals.

Here’s the good news! You probably have everything you need to clean anything in your home, right in your own kitchen. This simple, chemical-free homemade all-purpose cleaner is good for kitchen and bathroom counters, sinks, even toilets and bathtubs. Put it in a spray bottle and label it so you remember what it is: Organic Nanny Cleaner! Here’s how to make it:

Organic Nanny Cleaner Recipe:

1. In a clean spray bottle, add 1 teaspoon Castille soap, or other soap made with vegetable oils (conventional soap is made from animal fat).

2. Add 1 tablespoon white vinegar

3. Add 10 drops lavender essential oil or tea tree oil.

4. Fill up the rest of the bottle with warm water. Cap tightly.

Use this cleaner to spray on counters, sinks, and floors. Just wipe or mop clean.

Other household products do a good job of cleaning, too. Try these:
Here’s a revelation: Hot water and a little soap actually clean most things that get dirty, from walls and floors to counters and fixtures. Obvious, right? (Use soap made with vegetable oil, like Castille soap.)

Vinegar is a miracle substance! It’s good on your salad greens, and it dissolves soap scum and hard water build-up. That’s because it’s an acid, but not the kind that will eat through your plumbing or your skin.

Baking soda deodorizes and makes a great cleansing scrub for sinks and tubs. Sprinkle it on, mix with a bit of water, and scrub for a simple cleanser. Pour one cup down your drain and follow it with one cup of white vinegar for a fun, fizzy science experiment that also clears your drain of gunk and stink.

Plant oil. Linseed oil cleans and polishes wood. (Find it in your home improvement store.) Essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil have natural antibacterial properties, and add a nice smell to your homemade cleaners.

Guest post Bio:
My name is Barbara Rodriguez, and I am The Organic Nanny. I take care of children as a profession, and many of those children have celebrity parents. I see and work within a rich and privileged world, but I believe all children can benefit from the changes I help my clients realize. Those changes are all, at their essence, organic—organic food, organic relationships, and an organic connection with the earth. Please visit my website and signup for my monthly newsletter to get free recipes, tips and excepts from my new book The Organic Nanny’s Guide to Raising Healthy Kids.

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