4 Embroidery Ideas to Welcome Your Newborn Babe

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The only thing holding you back on your embroidery project for your baby may be knowing what you want to create. No matter what you make, it will mean a lot to your baby when they get older. Here are some embroidery ideas to welcome your baby home.

1. Design Wall Art

Infants need wall art in order to stimulate their brains. You can create something that’s unique to set the theme in their room. Many people will go with an animal theme, sports, or some other activity that they is tailored for their baby. You don’t have to make it complicated. It just needs to be something that is meaningful and made with love. Hang it above their crib so that they can admire it as they grow. You may want to add their name to the piece.

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2. Create a Baby Blanket

The first blanket that your baby has may stick with them for years to come. Make it a special one so that you don’t get tired of seeing it around the house. Many kids will still sleep with their baby blanket until they’re much older. Create a baby blanket that will be even more special to them. Select a theme for the blanket. It can be as simple or complex as you want. Consider adding some silk along the edges. This will give your baby’s fingers something soft to caress. Look into using an embroidery machine so that you can complete this project quickly.

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3. Make a Memory Pillow

Embroider a memory pillow to mark the occasion of their birth. This is something that can be used as a back support for all those nighttime feedings. Since it won’t be in the crib, it will stay in better condition than a blanket. Add in their vital statistics after your baby is born. This will give everyone a reminder of just how far your baby has come since the day that they were born. It can also eliminate any arguments that you and spouse may have regarding how much your child weighed when they were born.

4. Sew a Coming Home Outfit

The first outfit that your baby wears is something that should be memorable. Consider making this outfit yourself. You may want to make it adjustable in size so that it will fit better than an off the shelf outfit. You can do this by adding snaps that can increase or decrease the overall size of it. Consider embroidering your baby’s name onto the outfit.

There are hundreds of projects that you can undertake to welcome your baby home. Let your creative juices run wild so that you can give your baby the welcome that they deserve.

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