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Preemie Twins Stories

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Preemie Twins Stories Submitted by Visitors



Jennifer Steffa Family Web Page 12/Dec/1998:00:10:51
Hello, My name is Jennifer and I had a Premature baby this year. As someone said here, you don’t expect it. It was my 3rd baby my first born was 2wks early and my second baby was 2 wks late. I was surprise at 34 weeks when my water broke. I am glad I made it that far. I did vomit my whole pregnancy, I gained only 16lb, ten were within the last week, and I had gestational Diabetes. I warned the doctor the last week something just wasn’t right but she didn’t listen. My midwife checked me (9am) 2/3/98 me the morning my water broke (7am)and said nope I was fine. I leak fluid all day thinking I was losing bladder control. I
finally went back in to be checked again I was right! I was admitted at 11pm that night 2/3 with pos of water breaking. I never went into labor, make a long story short, I had a c-section on Sat morning 2/7 do to the baby D cells, and the fact that I was induced for 18 hours and only went to 3cm and baby still had not drop. The hospital that I was about to give birth.


Cynthia Bissell Bissell Home Page 06/Dec/1998:19:44:14
Richard and Cynthia Bissell are both Registered Nurses who formed Twin Enterprises in order to advocate for children with disabilities and their families. Richard and Cynthia have twin sons who were born at 26 weeks gestation and both have special needs due to their premature birth, Eric (spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy) and Aaron (BPD, subglottic stenosis, s/p tracheostomy, ADHD)


cheryl deleon   12/Nov/1998:23:28:15

i’m not quite sure how i ended up ere but i’ve truly enjoyed this site. i don’t have a preemie but my second son now 21 months was born with a sequestration attached to his right lung. being so uncommon the docters weren’t sure what they were looking at until after birth and surgery. we spent over a month in nicu and just like all the entries i’ve read we lived in constant uncertainty the whole time. by the grace of god our son now is fine with only a case of asthma. no problem i just wanted to share that i too lie many others value the lives of all the children born everyday because they truly are miracles.


Debbie Broad-Erickso A.A.P.I. Online 12/Nov/1998:11:38:35
The American Association for Premature Infants (A.A.P.I.) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to optimizing the quality of health care, developmental and educational services for premature infants, children and their families through advocacy, education and communication. A.A.P.I. welcomes members from all nations and offers a
free first year of membership to all parents who have had preemies. Health care providers and those who feel preemie awareness should be brought to the forefront are also welcomed to join! A.A.P.I. offers all of its members a free 16-page (and growing) quarterly newsletter
called, “The Voice” and encourages you to get involved…make a difference…become a member!


Debbie Broad-Erickso Sarah’s Site 12/Nov/1998:11:34:59
Sarah was born at 28 weeks gestation weighing 800 grams, due to HELLP Syndrome and IUGR. She is a beautiful and bright little girl who we are blessed to have. Come meet her, listen to her and see what a joy is.


Kirsten -&- Dan Higman Nate’s Homepage 11/Nov/1998:16:47:01
I went into labor when I was only 25 weeks pregnant. My pregnancy had been ideal up until that point. Now that I think back on that time, I think I had been having bouts of pre-term labor for a few months. When I checked into the hospital, imagine my surprise to find I was carrying twins! Three days later I gave birth to two boys, Nathaniel Vance and Zachary. Zachary died at birth from a prolapsed umbelical cord. Nate is now 8 1/2 months old, is finally home from the hospital and is doing very well! Having a preterm infant isn’t something you ever think will happen to you. It has been the wildest ride of our lives, but we wouldn’t trade Nate for anything. Check out our web site to get the full story and see pictures of our beautiful baby boy!


Raija The Story of Sandra 11/Nov/1998:16:15:03
Sandra, our gorgeous daughter, was born 12 weeks early due to preeclampsia after two weeks hospitalized bedrest. Here you can find her birthstory and photos. This is English. For those who know Swedish there´s more, the whole diary from the time at the NICU and links to swedish preemie-pals and a lot more!



Elisa Carney Kareem 11/Nov/1998:12:45:14
I feel truly blessed and lucky when I read your story. My son was born at 28 weeks on April 30, 1986. He was on the respirator for a week and did received a blood transfusion for anemia, but other than that has had few complications. He went home two months and two days later. He is now almost a teenager and has few residual effects of his prematurity.


Gene and Nancy Field The Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) Page 10/Nov/1998:09:28:42
Kim, Thanks for the supportive comments on our page.
Good luck with your little one too! Nancy and I have had six children including Brian – the BPDer – 4 boys and 2 girls.


ruth   09/Nov/1998:15:52:27
we have twins born in March 97 at 28 wks. Allanah is fine, but Miranda was diagnosed with cp in March 98, she is doing well, commado crawling, and talking some, thanks in large part to her sister’s constant rambling! the girls spent 2 months in the hospital and never had to return, thank goodness. Miranda is invovled in Early Intervention and
continues to improve on a daily basis.


Monica Sharon’s story 09/Nov/1998:13:16:35
We are a Dutch family, we live in the Netherlands in a village near Rotterdam. We have two daughters, Sharon 8 yo. (almost 9) and Naomi 6 yo. Sharon was born premature, at 29,4 weeks. You can read the story at
the above URL. Greetings from Holland,


Peg Jake’s Room 08/Nov/1998:23:21:50
Jake was born 5 weeks early on 12-23-97. You can read his story in Jake’s Room!


Maria Peterson The Peterson Family 08/Nov/1998:20:22:24
Come by and visit our little home on the internet. Learn all about our family, including our son, Michael Andrew, who was born on New Years Day, 1996. He was a 34 weeker who is now soon to be a three year old 35 pound little boy who outweighs one sister and is approaching the weight of his 6 year old sister!! Look out girls, big brothers getting
back at you!!!