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Tena Wainwright   04/Nov/1999:13:02:29
I had a premature baby of 35 week gestation. He weight 4.5 pounds. He seemed to be fine at birth except for being small. Within 48 hours blood was in his stool and he was diagnosed with NEC. He was rushed to Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, GA for surgery. He was not expected
to live two weeks. He underwent several surgeries and had 80% of his intestines removed. He was also put on the liver/intestional transplant list in Omaha, Nebraska. My son lived almost 10 months and was a blessing with his smiles the entire time he lived. He was unable to eat by mouth and was I.V. and tube feed all his life. I really would like
to do a survey to find out what causes NEC. Is it due to preg., labor, or something in the hospital nursery when they feed the babies that give them bacteria in their intestines that kill their intestines Anyone, with similar situations please email me.


Alana Schuler   02/Nov/1999:21:39:06
My girls were born 13 weeks early. We have been extremely blessed. They arrived May 23, 1999, and came home Aug. 10th, 1999. While my heart goes out to those whom have had difficult times with their preemies, along with a certain indefinable guilt, I can’t help but thank God,
that my girls came through without any major difficulties.
I was admitted to the hospital on May 3rd, with possible pre-term labor, while the monitor wasn’t picking up any contractions, I wasstill effacing and dilating some, leading to a diagnosis of an incompetant cervix. I spent the next 3 weeks on bedrest in the hospital, and awoke at 6am the 23rd with some bleeding. When hooked up to the monitor, I had 5 contractions in 17 minutes. They tried to stop
my labor unsuccessfully, as my water broke at 8:15am. Delivery was imminent. They gave me an epidural in case of a need for c-section. Took me (husband and my mother too) to the OR, and delivered my first daughter Marissa D’Lynn vaginally, and my second dau….


Steve -&- Tessa Kirsten -&- Chesley’s Playground 14/Aug/1999:22:41:42
We enjoyed your web page, thanks for sharing your story