Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids

To adults toys are simple playthings. However, to growing kids they are the tools they use to build something new, learn something new about the world and themselves, and improve their creativity.

little boy plays with toy car

Most parents realize that toys play an important role in their children’s lives, and that is why they often shower their little ones with all kinds of games, figurines, and dolls. However, having fewer toys can actually benefit your kids in the long run. Therefore, before you fill your child’s bedroom to the ceiling with toys, read the list below and find out just how a minimalist approach can be good for your offspring. 

Children become more creative

When their room is filled with all kinds of toys and games, kids don’t feel the need to invent other games, which can significantly affect their creativity and prevent them from developing their gift of imagination. In fact, an experiment was conducted in Germany when two health workers convinced a kindergarten classroom to get rid of their toys for three months. Although children were first bored and unsatisfied, in time they started inventing new games and used their imagination when playing.

It develops longer attention span

If your child has a room filled with toys, they won’t be able to fully enjoy playing with one of them, when there are so many other options right there on the shelf. This is why their attention span can begin to suffer. Of course, that doesn’t mean you cannot buy your child one of the best train sets at Funtastic Toy for Christmas or a new game, it just means you should keep the number of your kid’s toys under control. 

Kids develop better social skills

When kids are not always busy playing with their toys, they start developing interpersonal relationships with other children and even adults, which can greatly benefit them in the long run. In fact, studies have shown that people who had childhood friends growing up are more successful in social situations as well as academically. 

They spend more time outside

Kids who don’t have a whole room filled with toys are more likely to play outside, where they can spend time in the fresh air and develop an appreciation for nature. Children who spend more time outside than in their rooms also have healthier and happier bodies.

Kids become more responsible

When a child has too many toys, they don’t’ care if some of them get ruined, when there is always something else ready at hand. Therefore, if you have noticed that your kid is not taking care of their toys and is constantly damaging them, just take most of them away and they will quickly learn to value those that are left.

Kids fight less often

This maybe sounds wrong, especially because many parents believe that if their kids have a lot of toys, they won’t fight about them. However, every time you give a new toy to them, siblings will fight to establish ownership over their new “property”. On the other hand, brothers and sisters who have fewer toys are forced to share and work together.

They become more determinate to solve a problem

When your kid has many toys and you get them a new one they cannot figure out, very quickly they will move on to a different, easier one. However, if your child has fewer toys, they will become more patient and determined to solve the problem.

Most parents are stressed out because their home is covered in kid’s toys, but they tolerate it because they believe that all those games and dolls will benefit their little one. However, having fewer toys can actually help your child become more responsible, creative and focused. Therefore, instead of spending a fortune on all those toys, spend time with your child walking around a park, visiting the local community center, or doing crafts at home.