11 Engaging (and Fun) Learning Activities for Kids


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The recommended age for enrolling your child in school is 5 years old in the United States. Once your child is at least five, they can go into kindergarten and begin their education.

But what if you want to get a head start on teaching your child, or help them along the way?

Continue reading to discover the best learning activities for kids that you can use!

1. Have a Water Fight

During the summer the heat can become unbearable. Teaching your child may seem impossible during these moments.

A great way to engage your child and help them learn about water volume and consequences is by playing with water balloons. Filling up water balloons requires patience, care, and the ability to monitor the volume a balloon can hold.

Your child will also get the opportunity to work on their hand and eye coordination skills, along with physical strength.

2. Pull out the Paint and Crayons

It may be scary to let your child have access to paint and crayons, so you may want to let them play under your supervision.

Painting and drawing are excellent activities that can teach your child about telling stories. It will also teach them about colors and how to mix them.

3. Flip the Game Around

One of the best learning activities for kids is to play a game, such as these games, and have them do the opposite of what is meant to be done.

Children can learn opposites by playing this game and also work on their inhibitory skills. The ability to control yourself is difficult, so children must use focus and memory to overcome their urges.

4. Building Blocks

Playing with building blocks can be a fun activity for your child and also teach them about shapes.

Having a variety of shapes will make them have to think about the foundation and pieces required to make a structure last. Your child can learn about shapes, colors, and sizes. Some blocks even have the alphabet or numbers on them!

5. Go to the Beach

Going to the beach or local park to play in the sand is an excellent learning opportunity for your child.

Your child can work on their motor skills by shoveling, digging, and building the sand. Showing your kid how to use each tool or how to sift through the dirt can also help them learn.

This is a perfect activity to do with your child. It’s also a great way for them to get outside and work on their coordination and muscle development.

6. Throw a Dance Party

The next time that your child is running around the house with too much energy, turn up the music and let them dance.

Listening to music helps them grow confidence and language skills through dancing and singing. Singing will require them to repeat the words and remember them.

Dancing is another fun activity that can help them work on their coordination skills and rhythm. Who knows, you may be raising a future musician!

7. Play with a Dough

Whether you have play dough, pizza dough, or silly putty, it’s a great way to help your child learn.

Playing with dough will teach your child fine motor skills and help them with their imagination. Your child will be able to work their creativity into their designs and use tools to create them.

You can also use play dough to help teach colors or have them search for small items within the dough.

8. Build a Fort

Building a fort doesn’t take much material and can be a great way for kids to work on their creativity and building skills.

After moving or getting new items in the house, keep the boxes and allow your kids to make the fort of their dream. They can pretend that they are pirates on a ship or hiding uncover as spies in their lair.

This activity will allow them to make sense of the world around them without getting bored and restless.

9. Get Dressed Up

As your child is developing, their imagination is going wild and one of the most engaging activities for them is role play.

You can use old costumes, clothes, and dress up kits to role play. This will allow your child to understand what each role a person can play. A doctor, vet, and police officer all focus on different skills that they can learn through playing.

This is also a way to introduce them to the real world and the abilities that they want to have.

10. Go Outside

Going out and exploring in nature can be a fun way to bond with your child and teach them about the outdoors.

Outside you may encounter animals, weather, and discoveries. This is the best opportunity to teach them about the environment and how our actions affect the earth.

Try to encourage them to explore, just be safe during the adventure!

11. Play with Dolls

Barbies, dolls, and action figures are not just for girls, but they are also for everyone!

Playing with dolls will help your child learn how to view things from another perspective. They must take on who they are when they change dolls and use their imagination. This is also a good opportunity for them to learn about feelings.

Try These Learning Activities for Kids

There are many ways that children can learn as they grow up and gain skills in the real world.

Using the learning activities for kids mentioned above can help give your child an advantage and stay on top of schoolwork.

Many of these activities can help your child develop critical thinking skills and imagination. They can also learn the basics of life through role-playing and discover nature in the outdoors.

Don’t be afraid to join in on the fun with your child, you may just learn something too.

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