Messy House? 4 Upkeep Habits Your Family Can Work on Together

Messy House? 4 Upkeep Habits Your Family Can Work on Together

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Messy House? 4 Upkeep Habits Your Family Can Work on Together

A messy house is rarely the fault of one person. Your whole family contributed to the state of your home. They need to be a part of the cleaning process. Here are some tricks to keeping your home tidy.

Get Into a Cleaning Routine

Assign tasks to each member of the family. These should be things that have a set schedule of when they need to be completed. Write these items down on a chart. That way there isn’t any confusion on who needs to do what and when. Consider rotating these tasks to other people on a monthly or weekly basis. That way everyone gets a fair chance to do different things. Kids are less likely to complain about their siblings being given the better chores. You shouldn’t have to clean up everyone else’s mess. There needs to be equal opportunity in your home. Having your kids do chores leads to them being better adults. They are less likely to struggle with these tasks and can feel more confident in their abilities. Having a routine and delegating can make you feel less overwhelmed when it comes to keeping up your home.

Set Cleaning Priorities

Some areas of the home need more attention than others. Kitchens and baths tend to need more frequent cleaning than bedrooms. A large part of maintaining a tidy home is to remove the clutter. Nothing makes a home look messy faster than piles of stuff all over the place. Practice having everyone put away their items when they are done using them. This clean as you go philosophy leads to less time spent cleaning. Wipe down the kitchen while meals are cooking. Scrub the shower while you’re taking a shower. Multi-task your cleaning projects. This way you can accomplish more while you’re waiting around for something else to finish. By doing this, you’re creating more free time for other things that are more fun. Have the whole family do certain chores each day. Doing dishes is one of the tasks that should be done on a daily basis.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Your house doesn’t need to be perfectly clean every day. This mindset will only drive you crazy. Instead realize that there are degrees of cleanliness. You don’t have to make your home clean enough for your mother to visit. You just want it to be presentable if friends and other family members are visiting. You can save these more time consuming tasks for another time. Having a little bit of dust in your home isn’t the end of the world. Not having everything put away won’t kill anyone. Determine what is a priority for you. A tidy home isn’t always a spotless home. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Everyone has those trouble spots that need some extra attention. Get them into the rotation of your cleaning schedule. Just don’t focus on them to the exclusion of bigger messes.

Have a Reliable Vacuum

There are lots of different types of vacuums available. A central vacuum system may work better for your home than the traditional style. You don’t have to haul that heavy vacuum all over the house. Just plug the light weight unit into the wall of any room and suck those messes away. This fits in well with the clean as you go philosophy. You can do each room as a separate part of the routine. This also makes it easier to get your stairs clean. You don’t have to worry about trying to find an outlet. A centralized system can help you keep your home tidy with minimal amount of effort. Another good resource is a robotic vacuum. You can schedule it to run during certain times of the day. There is also the added convenience of being able to clean your home when you aren’t around.

Maintaining a tidy home needs to involve the whole family. Use these tips to have a clean house with the least amount of effort.