Wheel Chair Dos and Don’ts – All You Need To Know About Child Wheel Chair Options

Child Wheel Chair Options

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Selecting a proper child pediatric wheelchair is tough and requires professional suggestion of a physical or occupational therapist. However, there are plenty of online guides which you can read. In fact, if you want, you can check out Home Tip Top, which consists of several tips to make sure that you have the best care for your kid.

So, now let’s get into the basics of how to choose a proper wheelchair for a child. One of the basic advantages of the child wheelchair is that they come in various colors, styles and options to make the young ones feel attracted to it. A couple of models make sure that there is option for growth. However, there are a couple of factors, you must check out before you buy a wheel chair.

Address Your Child’s Needs

You are buying the wheelchair for your kid. So make sure that you understand your child’s requirements. Additionally, you need to consider your child’s health condition, special needs, and even his/her weight.

Functional Requirements

How you will be using the chair also matters when you are considering what to buy. For example, would you be using the chair primarily indoors or outdoors? Also, is the chair able to slide up or elevate your child, or even move on a rough road?


When it comes to a special needs kid, he/she might grow up with the wheelchair. As such, the wheelchair seems like an appendage to the person. So, the wheelchair you choose might have an extra appeal to attract itself to your kid. In short, your kid should love the wheelchair, or won’t be able to accept the fact that he/she is specially able, and might go into depression.

Types of Wheelchair

Depending on the need and age of your child, you can choose either the manual wheelchair or the electric wheelchair. One of the advantages of the manual wheelchair is that you can add some upholstery or adornments to it. On the other hand, the electric wheelchairs can work great if you have a kid who cannot manually propel himself/herself.

Other than this, you have the option to choose a recreational or alternative chair. These include hand propelled wheelchair carts, and make the child feel natural.

So, now that you know about the factors to consider before choosing your wheelchair, let’s have a basic look at the dos and don’ts.


  • Always encourage your child to use the wheelchair
  • While buying the wheelchair, take your child with you, and allow him/her to choose
  • Whenever you are going out, make sure that you keep an eye out on your child, especially when he/she is using the wheelchair for the first time


  • Don’t be rude to your child, or say negative about your child
  • While speaking about his illness, make sure that he is not near. While this is acceptable for teenagers, this is not too good for kids

So, now that you know about these ways and the dos and don’ts, it’s time to choose a wheelchair for your kid. Remember, the first step towards making your child confident is making him/her comfortable, and accept his/her position. A wheelchair can go a long way in enabling that comfort, and boosting up the confidence level.