Having Your First Child This Year? Fun Family Traditions To Consider

Fun Family Traditions To Consider

You are going to be parents. With so many things to consider as a new parent, you may not be thinking about establishing family traditions. While all of those other things are certainly important, so is thinking about how to create fun family traditions that will last a lifetime. Family traditions create a strong foundation that will keep your family together, engaged, and involved in each other’s lives. While this may seem simple with babies and young children, in can be difficult to maintain with older kids. Starting fun family traditions early will help your family bond and stick together through thick and thin.


Remember back to when you were a child – what holiday traditions did you enjoy? Which ones did you dread each year? You can use these memories as ideas to establish your own fun family holiday traditions. Maybe you want to decorate cookies with your children for Christmas, cook matzo ball soup together for Hannukah, or carve goofy faces into pumpkins for Halloween. Getting your kids unique and personal Christmas ornaments could be a fun tradition that they can continue with their families in the future. No matter what your tradition is, the key to getting your children excited about participating is to actually enjoy the activity yourself. Just remember that what works for one family may not work for another.

Milestone pictures

You probably take hundreds of pictures of your kids on your cell phone, but how many of them would you actually want to frame? You should consider getting professional pictures taken for all of your children’s milestones. Some families do annual Christmas cards together, even including their pets. Other families do photoshoots for family reunions, birthday parties, and graduations. While many people opt for newborn pictures and senior year pictures, all of the years in between go relatively uncaptured. How about having professional pictures taken at the beginning of every school year? You will be surprised at just how much your children change from year to year. The kids can go shopping for new clothes and get excited about getting to participate in a photoshoot.


Appreciating what you have is not always possible without understanding how other people live. That is why many families choose to volunteer each year for an organization or cause that they are passionate about. Although many people volunteer at the holidays, how about bringing your family together to volunteer during the off-season each year? Even better, have your children pick one activity per month that is considered charitable and have them work together and with you to accomplish their charitable goals.

Family traditions can help keep parents and siblings in touch over the years, and it’s important to start them when your children are young. Whether you incorporate your old traditions or start new ones, it’s a great way to spend time together and start new memories.