6 Useful Tips for New Moms – No Need for Stress!

New Mom

There are many challenges in store for first-time moms. However, these challenges are precisely the thing that makes parenting so exciting, fulfilling and exceptional. There’s no reason to get stressed out and anxious. After all, this is something that every parent will experience when the baby comes. Still, there are always some useful pieces of advice that can make things a lot easier. With that in mind, you may find the following tips extremely helpful.

6 Tips for New Moms

  1. Baby falls asleep during the breastfeeding

This is something that happens relatively often. Of course, your child needs food so you have to do something to keep the baby awake. A great solution, in this case, would be to tickle the baby’s toes during breastfeeding. However, if your child starts refusing the breast after a while, it may just be a sign that they are already full and simply need their sleep.

  1. What to do about colic

The pain that newborns experience in their tummy, also known as colic, is another frequent condition that shouldn’t worry you too much. Of course, this is only because there are some simple solutions to help you ease your child’s discomfort. Pat the baby on the back after a meal to initiate burping. Once that’s done, lie them down on their back and stretch your baby’s legs while mimicking the cycling motions.

  1. Perfect bath water temperature

The most pleasant and healthiest temperature of the baby’s bath water is between warm and hot. You can easily check this as well with the help of your elbow. It may sound strange, but if you dip your elbow in the water and find it pleasantly warm, your baby will feel the same.

  1. Clutter-free crib

This is very important to remember. Only the essentials should be in the crib while your child is sleeping in it. If you add too much stuff, it can lead to unfortunate circumstances that may even cause SIDS. Basically, all your baby needs in a crib is a blanket. You may even use comfy wrappers to keep the child safe. Of course, comfy sleepwear that’s not too warm or cold is a must. You can keep other essentials such as your baby’s sheets, laundry, stuffed toys and so on in a functional Angus & Dudley Collections kids laundry hamper, and place it nearby so everything stays within reach.

  1. Introduce a sleep pattern

You don’t know how to help your baby fall asleep and that’s making you exhausted as well? Introducing a steady routine is the answer to your problems. Once the child is around 4 months old, you can try using this trick. Make sure that everything you do together (wake up, eat, take a bath, play, go to sleep, etc.) takes place at the same time every day. Even if your baby gets cranky in the morning after waking up, you still need to stick to the routine. It will adjust the baby’s body clock and help you get some rest as well.

  1. Trust the daddy

Some new moms make the mistake of doing all the baby stuff on their own. They don’t want to be separated from their child, and they feel like they know what their child likes and enjoys the best. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you need to give the daddy some baby-care responsibilities as well. For example, the dad can change the baby’s diaper and even learn how to feed the baby if you can store your breast milk in the bottles. This will strengthen the bond you two share and help your partner connect with the child even more.

As a new mom, you’re bound to get a lot of advice from people around you. However, you should take these with a grain of salt. Aside from the doctor’s advice, you should always listen to what your gut tells you. Every child is different, and their moms have the power to sense what’s right for them.