Moms: Buying Gifts For Dad Need Not Be A Chore!

Gifts For Dad

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Come on Moms, let’s be honest, our men are notoriously difficult to buy presents for. Each birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day we tend to hash out the same old staple – socks, ties and jumper cables!

Maybe we don’t always have as much time to dedicate to Dad’s present as we do to those for our babies or children. But then to be fair, often men don’t give us many clues. But it’s time to get more imaginative with gift ideas for Dads.

The good news is that there are plenty of fun and quirky gifts for Dad, gifts that he is probably unaware exist. So your job is just to find the right one and surprise him.


Summer is here and something about the joining of flame and meat that brings out the cave man in many guys. So why not pamper his inner cave man with a barbecue gift? This will not only bring him hours of fun in the garden but it will also bring you some tasty meals. From novelty aprons to cooking devices and tools to recipe books, the barbecue offers a host of present ideas.


Technology and gadgets are the ideal gift for guys who like to show that they are up to date with the latest tech. Just be careful what you buy as you may see much less of the man you are buying for.


Everyone loves booze, right? This is a gift that cannot fail to please. Whether he is a craft beer geek, a fine wine freak or a connoisseur of fine vintage wine, drinks provide so many gift ideas. It needn’t be a bottle of something either, as there are many glasses, accessories, coolers, corkscrews, pumps and other gadgets and gismos that are guaranteed to please any booze hound.

Boy’s Toys

I’m not saying all men are just like boys, but well, you know where I am coming from? Toys for grown up boys are another sure fire hit. A drone is bound to thrill, or on a lower budget why not try a fussball table or Scaletrix set? Once baby has grown a bit, he or she might even get a turn!


More and more guys are starting to enjoy getting geeky in the kitchen. It’s the perfect place to get nerdy about equipment, gadgets and devices. If your man is one of these new breed, a new kitchen gadget or recipe book is going to give him a lot of satisfaction, not to mention you’ll get cooked for. The perfect add on for that kitchen gift would be some washing up gloves!

Buying Gifts For Dad Need Not Be A Chore