The Importance of Keeping Family Photos Protected

The Importance of Keeping Family Photos Protected

Up until the early 90s, family photos knew only print format. Protecting cherished family photos of your children from birth meant investing in fabric bound, golden trimmed photo albums where you could make little notes about the date and time of each baby photo.

Thirty years later, most of our photos are preserved on the internet, and although the internet is generally a safe place, physically organized photo albums that are created with care and love still have a lot of value and meaning to them. Whichever way you choose to protect your family photos, it’s important to create a space for memories of your little ones.

Protecting Family Photos Online

Whether you prefer to store your photos in physical photo albums or on Facebook, keeping copies of your photos online is the best way to ensure you’ll always have them. The internet has several storage services to store data files, which you can use to organize photos into different albums, by year, month, or family trip. This can be helpful when you’re trying to pick your next family vacation; look back at the trips you took to a cabin, beach house, or even something, different, like an alternative family RV trip across the country, and see which photos bring back the best memories.

Having your photos online is often a more affordable way to organize photo albums, as you don’t need to spend the time and money to print them out and put them in photo albums. Similarly, most people don’t take photos with traditional cameras these days, and rather opt to use their cell phone cameras to capture memories. In fact, over the last decade, cameras in cell phones have developed a quality similar to digital cameras, and there are even smartphone camera accessories that can be used to improve the quality of your photos to near-professional standards.

This makes it easy to never have to use a film camera or develop your photos, and to simply keep them stored on your phone or on the cloud. Having photos on your phone and online make it easy to share moments with family, such as your baby’s first steps, or to post cute photos on social media for all your friends to see.

However, it’s not uncommon for phones to become lost, stolen or broken and for your photos to vanish, which is why it’s important to have your phone backed up online. Still, it’s easy for photos to become disorganized and cluttered in your phone and hard drive, as two in three parents do not enjoy managing their family photos, and 82 percent of families are not confident that their digital photos and videos are backed up at all.

Preserving Physical Photos

While storing and managing your photos online is a valid option, this could cause problems if your photos aren’t backed up as your computer could crash, or your online account could be hacked and your photos could be lost or stolen.

That being said, keeping your photos online also creates a little bit of a disconnect with our photos, as it does with so much of the media we consume online. Caring about photos enough to print them out so you can hold them in your hands and see them without a screen makes memories more real and easier to connect with, and are more fun to look through with family and friends.

You’ve likely put a lot of consideration into the environment you provide for your child to spend time in and the educational value it provides. Incorporating art into your baby’s nursery, such as colorful paint and travel photography can improve overall brain function by providing stimulating colors and photos. Even if physical photo albums are not something you want to invest time and energy into, consider printing and hanging some photos of family camping trips or trips to historical monuments you’ve been to as a family so they can remember these places.

Whether posed or candid, photos have been considered a family treasure for almost two centuries, as they allow us to take snapshots of moments we experienced. Many families keep dozens of photo albums and scrapbooks that they pass down to their families in order to share  and preserve important memories and experiences throughout generations. Whether this sounds like your family or you are simply looking to start a new family tradition with your kids, photo albums can bring you together by creating a physical representation of love, and giving you an opportunity to learn more about your family history and continue adding to it.