The Branded Baby Clothing Checklist: How to Dress Your Baby up Like a Million Bucks

The Branded Baby Clothing Checklist

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Whoever said newborn babies couldn’t be stylish didn’t know where to look. Brands strive to make comfortable but stylish baby clothes whatever the weather.

Not sure which brands to add to your baby clothing checklist? Read on to find the best designers for your little one.

Different Types of Baby Clothes 

But before you shop, you’ll need a newborn clothing checklist.

Here are the newborn clothing essentials:


Undershirts are flexible, comfortable and keep your little one toasty. 

Side-Snap T-shirts

This style is easy to pull on and off, great for when you need to change their diaper.

Carters Unisex Baby 5-Pack Side-Snap T-Shirts - White, Newborn

Socks and Shoes

Keep those wiggling toes nice and warm. It’s difficult to keep newborn baby socks on so choose non-slip socks or ones with an elastic top. Buy a pair of crib shoes and several soft sole shoes for casual wear and special occasions.

Onesies or Rompers

A staple piece of clothing in every newborn’s wardrobe. Onesies are useful for every season with short sleeves in the summer and long sleeves in the winter. And rompers are great for newborns as they allow a quick change.  

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Boys' Short-Sleeve Bodysuit, Pack of 6, Blue/Orange/Mint Green, 24 Months


Newborn Summer Clothing

Overheating can be a problem

. To combat this, buy a cotton-based summer onesie or dress, a wide brim hat, and socks (because a breeze can be chilly for newborns).

Newborn Fall/Winter Clothing

It’s all about layers

. Make sure your newborn has a onesie underneath a top layer such as a fleece.  Choose a warm cap that covers their ears, cozy mittens and socks underneath their booties to keep the heat in.

Best Baby Clothes Brands

These brands have the most stylish children’s wear to turn your baby into a fashionista. They’re a great addition to your baby clothing checklist.

Baby Dior

For over 50 years, Baby Dior has dressed children in the best of French fashion. You can pick from traditional or modern designs and every piece has been rigorously designed for the perfect fit. They have lines suitable for girls and boys and have the best baby clothes.

In 2017, Baby Dior launched its first jewelry line for children so when your little one is older, you can accessorize their outfits with delicate silver or gold bracelets and necklaces. 


The Italian brand has a line of baby fashion products from logo embellished t-shirts to snazzy shoes. Every garment has been well-thought out to produce fine quality and elegant clothes. You can choose embroidered rompers and onesies sporting the famous red-green tricolor band and G monogram.

To see the best newborn clothes to add to your wardrobe, find out more here.

Dolce & Gabbana

D&G has revolutionized the children’s wear market. They’ve launched a miniaturized version of the adult collection so you can match with your mini-me. Each piece has been carefully crafted and there is an array of stylish t-shirts and rompers for your little one.

Their Mimmo The Dog Collection keeps babies looking smart in white-and-blue stripes, perfect for summer days. Also, they have shoes worthy of your baby’s first steps with rubber sandals and sleek leather trainers.


Since the 1920s, Fendi’s gained a cult following because of its iconic Zucca print. The Italian powerhouse is known for its elegance which is prominent in their children’s collection. Dress your newborn in a clean and classic design from onesies to cashmere sweaters. The high-quality clothes will keep them stylish and protect them from the elements. Shop now!


If you want your little one to look more sporty or sports luxe, Givenchy is for you.

Black and white dominate the children’s line whilst maintaining that Givenchy sophistication. Their iconic ‘mini-me’ line has streetwear inspired pieces like the logo branded tracksuit and the newborn’s all-in-one.


The iconic British brand spreads joy through well-designed clothes. Burberry was one of the first luxury brands to take on children’s wear and their line fits every occasion. Burberry keeps it playful with their iconic striped onesies and printed t-shirts. Why not get the adorable mini trench coat so you can match in the colder months? Shop now!

Ralph Lauren

‘Smart but comfortable’ defines Ralph Lauren’s children’s wear. Add style to your little tot’s wardrobe with cotton tees and summery rompers. Many of the clothes are playful with bright block colors or plaid for special occasions. Shop now!


Balmain is a celebrity favorite and is the go-to brand for decadent formalwear. Balmain produces refined clothes and uses children’s carefree nature as inspiration. Their line has a signature monochrome palette but with a flash of bright, child-friendly colors.

Mishka Aoki

Luxury label Mishka Aoki lets children shine in haute couture. Don’t expect frilly dresses but authentic masterpieces fit for a ball. All the garments exude luxury and are made from fine materials like organza and tulle. Although not fit for newborns, Mishka Aoki has designs for children aged 1 – 12. This is where you’ll find a dress fit for your little one’s first birthday celebration.


Cyrillus is a French brand that blends chic with comfort. Their children’s line is charming and stays true to its French roots with red, blue and striped garments. Cyrillus’s clothes are practical and have a classic look, guaranteed to make your little one spark envy in the nursery.

Marc Jacobs

Little Marc Jacobs has children’s clothing from babies to pre-teens. All the clothes are playful with cartoon logos embellished designs and are perfect for everyday wear. Whether it’s a glittery skirt to daisy-covered shorts, their line makes a great spring and summer wardrobe. Shop now!

Now Your Baby Clothing Checklist Is Complete

With the abundance of luxury clothing options, there’s always inspiration for your baby clothing checklist. Brands guarantee fresh and fashionable pieces to keep your baby stylish all year around. Now, let’s get shopping!

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