How to Renovate and Reorganize Your Child’s Nursery

How to Renovate and Reorganize Your Child's Nursery

Updating your child’s room can be a fun project. If your child is old enough to provide input, allow them to have some power in the decision-making, such as choosing the paint colors. Use these tips when renovating your child’s nursery to save time and make the most of the space and your money.

Select Furniture That Grows With Your Child

When renovating and reorganizing your child’s nursery, select furniture that will grow with your child. For example, a crib’s side pieces can often be used as the headboard and foot board of a full-size bed. This will help you to make the most of the money that you spend on furnishing your child’s room.

Rent a Dumpster

When you are going through a major renovation, renting a dumpster helps with getting all of the debris out of the room. A big rental dumpster, like those available from Tri-State Disposal, can easily accommodate old drywall, carpeting, and padding, and paneling or trim from the room. Most dumpsters can also handle floor tiles, old furniture and any other heavy or bulky items that you want to dispose of. Rental dumpsters are convenient because they are dropped off and picked up at the time of your choice.

Install a Closet Organization System

Now is the time to get your child’s closet organized. Install a closet organization system that will accommodate your child as he or she grows. These organizational systems make it easy to keep different types of items arranged in order. For example, a low shelf could be used for your child’s shoes, while several clothing rods could be used for coats, dresses and shirts. Consider a system that allows the components to be rearranged as needed.

Include Plenty of Built-In Shelving

When renovating your child’s room, include plenty of built-in shelving. Many children have a collection of books and toys that need a space for safekeeping. Built-in shelving makes it easier for a child to put these items away on his or her own. When the shelves are at a low height, their tops could double as a window seat or as a surface for playing on. Built-in shelving also frees up floor space instead of having free-standing bookshelves.

Renovating your child’s room takes some time, but your investment is worthwhile. The process can be expedited with helpful services such as dumpster rentals and carpenters to do some of the work. After the renovation is complete, you can enjoy many hours of fun.

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