Things You Need To Prepare When Expecting Twins

Prepare When Expecting Twins

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Becoming a parent is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and nerve-racking moments in one’s life. Expecting a baby is one thing, but expecting twins is something most parents do not expect and are generally unprepared for. Whether it be your first time or not, knowing that you will be carrying and expecting twins in a matter of months is something both the mother and father need to be ready and plan for. However, what do you exactly need to do when it comes to preparing for twin babies? Do you just buy the same stuff in twos? Here is our quick introduction and guide about the things you need to prepare when expecting twins to give you a better idea.

During Pregnancy

Every pregnancy is a struggle for mothers. And bearing twins can be even harder for their bodies. Double the size and the weight of their bellies, mothers caring for twins would most likely need constant help and support to get through the day. That is why it is essential to know how to care for mothers throughout their pregnancy.

You are likely to find out you are going to have twins at an ultrasound at 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, the ultrasound can firmly identify the number of fetuses, placentas, and amniotic sacs there are. Regardless, a twin pregnancy is typically considered more complicated than a single pregnancy. Mothers should know the things you need to prepare when expecting twins so, make sure to do some research to help you in the preparations.

Find Suitable Antenatal Care Services

One of the first things you should do is find suitable specialist antenatal care that would offer higher level and specialized care and checkups for the mother and the babies. Once you found it, it will be easier for you to know the things you need to prepare when expecting twins, for the specialists can advise you what needs to be done. Doctors also recommend having ultrasounds as often as possible, depending on if your twins share one placenta or are in separate placentas.

Other programs such as antenatal appointments can also help you physically and mentally prepare for twins as you can get information and tips about pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenting. Consult your doctors if there are any symptoms or complications observed throughout the pregnancy to ensure that the mother is well and healthy during labor.

While In Labor

When it comes to labor, the most glaring question is whether the mother would have a vaginal or cesarean birth. While this could be discussed beforehand, most twin pregnancies often tend to be caesarean births because of the physical stress the labor brings to the mother. Be sure to provide physical and psychological support throughout the labor while actively providing her needs. Don’t be shy to give her massages, offer her ice chips, and keep her calm and relaxed throughout the process.

Post Labor

Now that you got through the scariest part, it is time to be a parent for your beautiful twins. But how do you exactly care for two babies at the same time? Here are some helpful parenting tips for caring and raising twin babies:

Share Duties

Welcoming babies into your home is a life-changing moment. However, it is important to establish discipline in your household when it comes to caring for your babies. One thing that you can do is delegate specific tasks while also assisting each other as much as possible. Make sure that you are both present for the needs of the babies so that none of you gets too tired and stressed.

Follow a Schedule and a Routine

Routine is one of the things you need to prepare when expecting twins. One of the simplest things that you can do to create some sense of order when caring for twins is to follow a schedule or routine throughout your day. Establishing a program for other caregivers to do certain tasks will help ensure that the chores are being met, while a routine can help the babies feel comfortable and safe all throughout because they are familiar with the repetitive activity. Let your babies be comfortable with a routine for sleeping, waking, eating, etc., so that they become relaxed for the next time.

Ask for Help and Tips From Other Twin Parents

If you are looking for on-the-dot tips and tricks on caring and raising twins, you can never go wrong by asking other parents who had their experience raising twins. You can find communities and groups for such people on social network sites and connect with other twin parents for easy tips, tricks, and even hacks on how to make daily chores easier.

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As mentioned earlier, having a baby in your life is a life changing moment. However, having twins can bring both excitement and concern as you have little to no idea what to expect. Just remember to be as supportive, loving, and present to the mother and the babies throughout the whole process to make sure that they are well taken care of all the time. There are many things you need to prepare when expecting twins but make sure to enjoy each moment of parenthood.